How to build a group of true fans? 如何建立一群真正的粉絲?

1) Helps people learn, communicate, and engage with other people. 幫助人們學習,交流和與其他人交流。 2) Engage them. 讓他們參與及投入其中。 3) Build conversation. 建立對話。 4) Tell stories that related to their interests. 講述與他們興趣相關的故事。 5) Be specific. 具體。 6) Be true. Make real friends with them. 與他們結交成真正的朋友。 7) Personalize your message & value. 提供個性化的消息和價值。

Useful tactics to set up your GA

Q: Where to check my IP address? A: Try the free sites like Other tools that you must know: Developer GA Tag Manager Firebase (Mobile Apps GA) Call us for more information.

9 Tips to build the best keyword list for Google Adwords campaign 如何構建Google AdWords廣告系列的最佳關鍵字列表?

1. Think like a customer when you create your list. Write down the main categories of your business and the terms or phrases that might fall under each of those categories. Include terms or phrases that your customers would use to describe your products or services. 2. Select more general or specific keywords depending on your goal. If you want to get the most out of your money, select specific keywords that directly relate to your ad's theme. Using more specific keywords would mean that your ad only appears for terms that apply to your business. But bear in mind that if the keywords are too specific, you might not be able to reach as many people as you'd like. If you'd prefer to reach as ma

Living in Hong Kong: Telephone/ Internet/ Cable TV 在港生活:電話/ 互聯網/ 有線電視

Telephone Service: PCCW-HKT Ltd. 1000 (Customer Service Hotline 客戶服務熱線) 2888-0008 (Sales Hotline 銷售熱線) Hutchinson Global Communications Ltd. 1220 (Customer Services Hotline 客戶服務熱線) New World Telecom 1239 (Customer Services Hotline 客戶服務熱線) 2131-3377 (Sales Hotline 銷售熱線) International Calls 國際電話: All above mentioned companies and several other companies provide long distance telephone services. Please compare prices and chose the most suitable company for your call. 所有上述公司和其他幾家公司都提供長途電話服務。請比較價格並選擇最適合您的公司。 KDDI 2968-1717 (Hotline 熱線) All calls made within Hong Kong are free. Residential buildings

Government support for Transportation Services and Logistics Industry 香港推動航運及物流業

The Government of Hong Kong SAR is committed to driving local business through a variety of initiatives. Key initiatives announced in the 2018 Policy Address include: Transportation Services and Logistics · Formulate tax measures to foster ship leasing business; provide tax concessions for the marine insurance sector; · support Hong Kong to provide dispute resolution services to the global maritime industry; and · inject $200 million into the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund 2018 施政報告中提出的建議包括: 香港特區政府透過各項措施,致力推動本地的商業發展,提供全面支持予航運及物流業。 · 擬定稅務措施以推動船舶租賃業務、提供海事保險業稅務減免 · 為國際海運業提供爭議解決服務 · 向「海運及空運人才培訓基金」注資2億元

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