CSR Activities


Please submit the related materials and form to the office. 請填妥表格,並把相關資料及物件,交回辦事處以作跟作及處理。

Recycle Campaign 分隊環保回收活動

August 09, 2016

This campaign aims to increase individual participation and quantities recycled in existing programs while finding new opportunities for communities. 




  • 廢料回收服務

  • 舊傢俬買賣、送贈、回收

  • 可定期或按需要為分隊/所屬小組提供廢紙、膠及舊電器等回收服務。

Books Donation Campaign 舊書義賣活動

February 23, 2023

Old Books Recycle 

Welcome to We donate your old Books to do your part to keep the environment clean and support the OC's operation.

舊書義賣活動 書送祝福 讓知識傳承



Green Campaign 綠色家居環保園活動

August 08, 2016

A new campaign aimed at increasing recycling awareness urges viewers to turn trash into gold. Welcome to donate your old CD and any other cool stuff.


CD: 每張$30

家電: 每件$200

傢俬: 每件$500

其他: 歡迎義賣

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