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香港及海外市場,我們會運用社交媒體如Yahoo, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn及Facebook,針對內銷市場,中港企業則善用(WeChat) 微信企業號或服務號配合國內發展,即裝即用,操作簡易,並可實踐即時付款提現。我們希望帶領企業進入一個訊息直達手機消費群的數碼新世代。


Over 800 million users

WeChat has more than 800 million registered users worldwide , according to "Tencent released 2015 user data report". The average age is 26 years old. 97.7% of users are 50 years old, while 86.2% of users are between 18-36 years old . 25% of the users open WeChat more than 30 times a day, and 55.2% of the users open more than 10 times per day . This is the highest spending power and active community!


Enterprise can send your promotional messages directly to the users' mobile phones and circulate among their "circle of friends", which imply that you can reach the Mainland market easily and economically. We are the WeChat agent in Hong Kong and our mission is to let all enterprises to have their own official WeChat accounts. 

​Tailored services for different industries


We assist SMEs, MNCs & Chambers to create their mobile Apps, WeChat and web sites. We provide the most cost-effective solutions and functions, in which include membership management, video communications, appointments, trade fairs, seminars, attendance registration, business cards, photo album display and voting activities.


We share the information, resources and create business opportunities. We have been serving corporate and providing creative and professional services to enterprises in the decades. We also make use of social media tools such as Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook etc. to reach the digital mobile consumer base.

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