Ami iyök 尊貴禮盒裝,包羅Ami iyök兩大皇牌產品,以天然成份全面潔淨和滋潤你的肌膚。


GREEN SHAMAN 滋潤無泡潔面乳  / 100 ml

IYÖKBALANCE 均衡抗衰老保濕面霜  / 50 ml




GREEN SHAMAN - Bio-Facial Cleanser Gel  / 100 ml

IYÖKBALANCE Balancing face cream  / 50 ml


Ami iyök Preium Box Set: Included two main hero product in Ami iyök, involved various of nature organic active ingredient in order to clean, moisturize and nourishes the skin together with a strong synergy effect.


Ingrediants: Tens'UP


An anti-cellulite massage with a cream designed to treat accumulated cellulite. Apply the product to dry skin after showering. To boost its action and foster better penetration of the active Ingredients, exfoliate the area to be treated with an exfoliating glove beforehand.


Celucombat able to:
- Firming and combats fluid retention
- Moisturizing 
- Dissolves adipose tissue
- Reduces volume and Cellulite 
- Reshapes body Contours 
- Improves elasticity and firmness

Ami iyök Premium Box Set Ami iyök 尊貴禮盒裝 (1 box)

HK$1,300.00 一般價格
  • GREEN SHAMAN 滋潤無泡潔面乳 (100 ml),潔面乳不含任何肥皂或硫酸鹽,溫和潔淨,不刺激皮膚。配方中的蓖麻油及橄欖油帶有滋潤成分,巴西紫莓是很有效的抗氧化劑,平衡皮膚 PH 值,達致水份平衡,增強皮膚的彈性。蘆薈、橄欖油以及美藤果油,是修復肌膚有效成份。產品加入Tens‘UPÔ ,一種利用植物精華和六勝肽的肉毒杆菌來強效肌膚提升和緊致作用,重現肌膚色澤和飽滿。保質期: 3年 (跟產品包裝指示為準)。


    GREEN SHAMAN - Bio-Facial Cleanser Gel  / 100 ml
    Formulated without soap or sulphates. But able to purify and cleanse everything that attacks our skin daily, without irritate the skin. Keeps the skin clean, soft and radiant, moisture but not greasy.
    IYÖKBALANCE Balancing face cream  / 50 ml
    A balancing cream which produces an astringent effect on Oil-prone areas and deeply nourishes the driest areas and also Balances the skin's PH level. It enhances skin's elasticity, tone and turgor. Tens'UP as a plant-derived lightener with a lifting effect, combined with Argireline with its “Light  Botox” effect and low molecular weight. Hyaluronic Acid that fills in wrinkles and expression lines.



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