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代客設計,製作連上載IG 平台。創作無限,框+ 人像,成品可於任何地方使用,無限同時使用,於IG平台上傳發,增加商品、商戶、活動宣傳效果。

Tailored design and uploading to Instagram platforms. Frame + potrait that can be used everywhere, any place and any time concurrently on IG platforms. This enriches your activities and promotion effects. 



Suitable for wedding ceremony, graduation ceremony, inaguration, annual meeting, press conference, production promotion and all kinds of promotion activities. 



Zero personal touch and moving photobooth solution. Please contact us for details. 


客戶提供: 高像素人像相片 (如欲合照),背景框設計要求。製作期約21天,並需預留兩周上上載IG 平台審批。成品完成,客戶將收到連結,供日後宣傳或活動使用。

Clients provides: High resolution photo x 1, design direction and requests. Product lead time is about 21 days. Please also reserve 14 days for IG uploading and approval. A link will be submitted to client after approval for future usage. 

AR Filter Wedding Event 社交宣傳防疫方案 婚禮回禮

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