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✌ 大量精美圖案,適合用作收縮膠精品、自製耳環、吊咀、飾品,或其他設計。簡單,可以應用在個人設計,或任何其他商業用途,免費版權使用。


❤ 來圖格式: JPG / PNG


✪  注意:

  • 必須提供清晰沒遮掩面部之圖像,圖像越清,產品成品越美。
  • 如欲訂製,客戶下單時即表示訂單將自動授權本公司使用其商標、肖像、圖案、相片、卡通肖像等以作設計及生產相關禮品之用。


▶產品選項 Products Selection:


① 手機繩 Mobile Stripe (1 piece 1件起訂)

影像自動調整至合適尺寸,不大於5厘米 x 5厘米

Image Size: Less than 5 x 5 cm (auto adjust to fit size)


② 匙扣 Key Chain (1 piece 1件起訂)

影像自動調整至合適尺寸,不大於5厘米 x 5厘米

Image Size: Less than 5 x 5 cm (auto adjust to fit size)


③ 熱縮膠 DIY  Plastic Film DIY (1 piece 1件起訂)


Image Size: Less than A6 (auto adjust to fit size)

After Shrinking Size: About 4cm x 5 cm  (for reference only)

收縮後成品尺寸約4厘米 x 5厘米  (尺寸只供參考)


DIY yourself. Have Fun! Free mobile stripe with random color and style.


④ 抱枕 Cushion (1 piece 1件起訂)

Size: 33cm x 33 cm  呎吋:  33厘米 x 33厘米


⑤ 水杯 Mug (1 piece 1件起訂)

  • 杯身 Mug Height: 高 9cm
  • 杯口 Mug Mouth: 直徑 8cm (diameter)


⑥ 利是封 Red Pocket (每100個 pieces)

Size: 9cm x 9cm  呎吋:  9厘米 x 9厘米

Contact us if interested.

價錢為每100個。Price is quoted with 100 pieces.


⑦ 手機殼 Phone Case (1 piece 1件起訂)

Please state your desired models. Contact us before order for confirmation of the availability.



☝ 更多選項,請參閱: 香港設計、原創精品 ALL CATEGORIES


✌ Various clip arts. Simply send us your photos and we can tailor made key chains / mobile stripes / mobile phones accessories, cushions, bottles, red pocket etc. for you. Suitable for your design, artwork and DIY projects. Free for commercial use. No attribution is required. Other tailor made styles are avaliable. Please refer to the latest designs. 


❤ Image Format: JPG / PNG


✪ Remarks: 

  • Tailor made is welcome. Client shall automatically authorize us of the usage of its logo and design upon confirmation of order. Other items are available. Contact us for further details.
  • Please provide clear images without covering your face. The higher resolution of the images, the higher quality of the output products.

Cute Series Template J1-J9 人像DIY產品素材 J1-J9 (1 piece/1 order)

  • 款款設計精美,具個性!我們會因應您的需求,為您度身訂造,每件產品都獨一無二。






    Please fill in your text carefully. Once order confirmed, no amendment is allowed. Color tone is for reference only. Size and color please refer to the actual products. 

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