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It's so creative and eye catching Let's decorate your home and office with beautiful marathon stand and creative stuffs!


如欲訂製,客戶下單時即表示訂單將自動授權本公司使用其商標、肖像、圖案、相片、卡通肖像等以作設計及生產相關禮品之用。創意無限! 同時圖案也適合製成水杯、獎牌、獎杯、紀念品等,歡迎查詢。

Tailor made is welcome. Client shall automatically authorize us of the usage of its logo and design upon confirmation of order.


Material: Acrylic 材料: 亞加力及百搭設計款式
Color: Colorful design and layout 色澤: 彩色

Size: Backdrop 11.5 cm x 8.5 cm; Floor 12 cm x 5cm 
尺寸: 背板約11.5厘米 x 8.5厘米,地版約12 cm x 5cm;



Size is for reference only. It may have difference and variance with the actual product. Please refer to the actual size of the product. 

HK DESIGN - Marathon Stand-Free Style 自製任何款式馬拉松紀念品

HK$395.00 一般價格
  • 難忘賽事回憶,開心衝線,各世界出發 !


    Tailore made items. Free text, free design, free photos to record all your memorable moments. 

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