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Nothing is better than a handmade gift.  This is a notebook (or journal) with a unique original artwork.  It is an unusual gift that helps you connect with your inner soul or someone whom you care.  It is the fascinating colors and the inner voice of your soul that will bring you to the exciting discovery journey of the title of the painting.  “Fantasy” is my title, what about yours?


Product 產品: Fantasy  原創畫作A5筆記本 (日誌)


Materials 材料: plastic cover with acrylic painting on canvas 膠封面配上畫布上的塑膠彩畫


Size 尺寸: A5 notebook (journal); 148 x 210 mm, 24-line white papers, 80 pages. A5筆記本(日誌),148 x 210 mm,24行白色頁,80頁 


Packaging 包裝: brownish grey envelope (160 x 227 mm). 棕灰色信封(160 x 227 mm)


Stock available: 1 copy (original artwork).  現貨:一本(原創畫作)


All photos, measurements, colors, dimensions are for reference only. Please refer to the actual products. 


HK DESIGN - Original artwork A5 Notebook (Journal) 原創塑膠彩畫封面A5筆記本 (日誌) 8

HK$249.90 一般價格
  • 設計精美,具個性!獨一無二,唯您獨有。

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