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Grasp the sweet memories and moments. These special designs that are as fresh and beautiful today as when they were introduced. Have a great day!




Weight重量: 8g

Color 顏色: 銀色錬 Silver Necklace,鋯石 Cubic Zirconia

Metal 金屬: Copper, Zinc, Acrylic 銅、鐵、鋅

NECKLACE Sweetie Blinking Square 閃耀方型鋯石項鏈

  • Our cubic zirconia jewelrys capture and radiate light with brilliance and brightness reflecting light from every angle that make you look pretty and elegance. 


    即使是簡單的衣著、休閒裝扮亦能讓您變得格外獨特迷人,散發魅力豔光,展現獨一無二的個人風格。此款手工精細的鋯石項鏈,無論您想說「Marry me」、「I love you」或者「Happy Anniversary」,都是最浪漫的示愛珍品。象徵著完滿幸福,是優雅和魅力俱備的美麗選擇。

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