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Tailor made is welcome. Client shall authorize us of the usage of its logo upon confirmation of order. Other tailor made items are also available. Please contact us for inquiry.


Material 材料: ABS
Color 色澤: Colorful design 彩色

Ink Color 墨水頻色: Black 黑色

Quantity 數量: 500 pcs or above for tailored made order  500 枝起可訂造LOGO

Printing 印刷工藝: Screen Printing, logo in white or black 絲印,可印黑色或白色

Minimum order 最少訂量: 500 pcs 最低訂量500枝


Logo Size 標誌尺寸 : Maximum size 最大尺寸 6mm 亳米 x 21.3mm 亳米 

Pen Size 筆身尺寸: 149mm 亳米 x 10mm 亳米 diameter 直徑



Colors and sizes are for reference only and they may vary from the actual goods. Please refer to the actual products. 

Pens with Characters 糖果色磨砂筆桿字母可定制標誌 (500 pieces)

  • 筆身成品LOGO色彩鮮明,墨水書寫流暢,筆桿易握。歡迎訂製。



    Small parts may be swallowed. Children used under supervision. Do not use this product other than its originally intended purpose. 

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