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軟棉棉的毛公仔,特別可愛 !
Soft and lovely plush toys. Suitable for claw machines, parties and events.


Remarks 備註:

Not suitable for age below 3.



Styles 款式: Unicorn 獨角獸

Size 尺寸: 約 6-8cm 厘米 x 9cm 厘米 (只供參考,以實物為準 Size is for reference only)

Quantity 數量: 10 pieces 件 /每包 pack


最少訂量為每款式 20隻起,留意毛公仔是沒有包裝的。我們會用透明袋混合公仔包好。共有多種款式可供選擇,起訂最少訂購3款 (3 x 20pcs = 60隻)。


Minimum order: 60 pieces (20 pieces for each style x 3 packs)

No outer package as shown on the picture will be provided. Toys will be packed in a plastic bag only. 


Size and photo is for reference only. Please refer to the exact product received. 




Welcome to rent or buy our claw machine. Many styles and designs are available. Welcome customized order. Contact us for details now!

Plush Toys Claw Machine - Unicorn Small Size 獨角獸拳頭尺寸 (10 pieces)

HK$255.00 一般價格
  • Cute and beautiful. With little cost or effort you can add fun to your daily life. 








    Small parts may be swallowed. Children used under supervision. Do not use this product other than its originally intended purpose. 

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