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Tailored design and you can upload to various platforms. Infographics and short videos enrich your activities and promotion effects. 



Suitable for activities promotion, graduation, wedding ceremony, ceremony, inaguration, annual meeting, press conference, production promotion and all kinds of promotion activities. 



Tendering FREE service. Please contact us for details. Price starts from $9999. 


客戶提供: 相片 ,已有片段、字幕,文字、翻譯稿件,背景資料等設計要求。製作期約14-21天。成品完成,客戶將收到連結,供日後宣傳或活動使用。

Clients provides: High resolution photo, video segments (if any), text, translation, scripts, background information, cretive brief, production direction and requests. Product lead time is about 14-21 days. A link will be submitted to client after approval for future usage. 

Short Video and Infographics 短片及動畫宣傳方案

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