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Life is to short to belived counting the years. Enjoy the ride and make amazing memories. ZHAXILAMU's blink collection that are as fresh and beautiful today as when they were introduced. Have a great day!


Blinking stone designed for beautiful nail designs. Manicure nail accessories make you look more stylish! 


Color: Gold
Shape: Various Designs
Quantity: 1 Box
Type: Nail Art DIY Charms Decorations
Usage: Nails, Bags, Shoes, Cell Phone, Box, etc.

Material: Metal

Package: 1 random round box (33mm dimaeter, 5mm H)



All information is for reference only. Actual size and weight please refer to the actual product. 

ZHAXILAMU Mandalas Jewelry Box #17 Triangle L (1 box)

  • Our accessories capture and radiate light with brilliance and brightness reflecting light from every angle that make you look pretty and elegance. 

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