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Ad serving Solutions 廣告投放方案





  • 上傳廣告和媒體。

  • 根據不同的業務規則投放廣告。

  • 將廣告定位到不同的用戶或內容。

  • 基於結果進行調配和優化。

  • 報告展示次數、點擊次數、點擊後和展示後行為以及互動指標。


  • 頻次上限,因此用戶只能於限定時間內看到郵件。 (廣告客戶也可以通過設置貨幣支出的頻次上限來限制廣告)

  • 對廣告進行排序,以便用戶按照特定順序查看郵件(有時稱為循環時段)。

  • 排除競爭,因此用戶不會直接在彼此旁邊看到競爭對手的廣告。 (通常通過對關鍵字出價)

  • 顯示廣告,以便廣告客戶可以擁有100% 的顯示率



  • 行為定位 - 使用觀看者部分的先前行為的配置文件,以確定在給另特定訪問期間顯示哪個廣告。

  • 內容相關廣告定位 - (也稱為語義定位)根據廣告投放所在網頁上的信息來推薦最佳廣告展示位置。

  • 廣告素材優化 - 使用實驗或預測方法來探索特定廣告展示位置的最佳廣告素材,並在其他展示中利用該確定。

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What is Ad serving?

Ad serving describes the technology and service that places advertisements on web sites. Ad servers basically let you swap out ads quickly by putting simple HTML or JavaScript tags in your site.

After which you just need to manage the ad server whenever you need to change an ad on your websites. You can monitor stats, geo-target ads and make numerous other little changes to make sure you are optimizing your revenues.


Common functions
  • Uploading advertisements and rich media.

  • Trafficking ads according to differing business rules.

  • Targeting ads to different users, or content.

  • Tuning and optimization based on results.

  • Reporting impressions, clicks, post-click & post-impression activities, and interaction metrics.

Advanced functions

  • Frequency capping so users only see messages a limited amount of time. (Advertisers can also limit ads by setting a frequency cap on money-spending)

  • Sequencing ads so users see messages in a specific order (sometimes known as surround sessions).

  • Excluding competition so users do not see competitors' ads directly next to one another. (Usually done by bidding on keywords)

  • Displaying ads so an advertiser can own 100%

Ad targeting and optimization

One aspect of ad-serving technology is automated and semi-automated means of optimizing bid prices, placement, targeting, or other characteristics. Significant methods include:

  • Behavioral Targeting - Using a profile of prior behavior on the part of the viewer to determine which ad to show during a given visit.

  • Contextual Targeting - (also known as Semantic targeting) Inferring the optimum ad placement from information contained on the page where the ad is being served.

  • Creative Optimization - Using experimental or predictive methods to explore the optimum creative for a given ad placement and exploiting that determination in further impressions.

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