7 Tips to deliver truly relevant and meaningful experiences to clients 為客戶提供相關和有意義的體驗

1. 數據有助於創建相關性。您了解的數據越多,您可以創建的互動價值越高。






7. 5 V“動態數據”:







7 Tips for You

1. Simply put, data helps create relevance. The more data you can make sense of, the more you can use to create valuable engagement with your customers.

2. Mobile devices are a treasure trove of data, providing information on app behavior, email opens and clicks, web behavior, push responses, offer redemption, payments,location and more.

3. Integrate your technologies, processes and teams so the actions customers take on mobile are tied to your internal systems (CRM, marketing automation).

4. Your customers’ online and offline behavior need to inform your mobile campaigns. For example, a customer’s app behavior should trigger email campaigns. SMS clicks should inform desktop web content.

5. Automation is important. For example, if a customer recently shopped in a store,that individual should receive a “drive to store” message the following day.

6. Determine the value of new platforms and take the lead on creating experiences that add value to a customer’s day.

7. 5 V’s of “dynamic data” — rich data sets that hide all kinds of valuable information.

• Volume: How much data should you really be measuring? • Variety: How many different kinds of data do you actually need / from how many channels (and how much of it is actually useful)? • Velocity: How fast is your customer data travelling? (Understand this in order to make sure you respond within your customers expected response times). • Veracity: Is your data accurate? • Value: Capturing valuable data is important, but make sure that you are creating more value for your customers than you are capturing.

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