CRM規則引擎及優惠獎賞推廣 CRM Rule & Promotions




  • 以消費金額賺取積分

  • 以積分兌換禮品,以積分用作部份付款

  • 以積分續期

  • 消費金額達到要求可獲免費續期

  • 消費金額未達到要求需取消會籍

  • 生日可獲額外積分獎賞

  • 生日月份可享消費折扣

  • 推薦會員可獲積分獎賞

  • 會籍到期日自動重設積分為零

  • 其他設置模式




想知更多關於POS及CRM 系統之應用? 請聯絡我們。

CRM Rule for your Reference:

You only need to pre-set the terms of the offer and the reward, the engine will base on the consumption behavior of customers, automatically calculating and determining whether to give discounts or points or not.

You can default up to hundreds of rules and set priorities. Then the operating system through the CRM program will provide you timely, automated and accurate implementation. Below are some of the common rules that you can set:

  • Earn points with specific amount spent

  • Redeem points for partial payment

  • Renewal membership by points

  • The amount of consumption can be used for renewal of the membership

  • Membership to be cancelled if the amount of consumption does not meet the requirements

  • Birthday to gain extra points

  • Enjoy discount in birthday month

  • Recommended members will receive bonus points

  • Points reset to zero on the expiry date automatically

  • Others

Consumer behavior analysis

CRM is a easy-to-use tool to facilitate customer information collection with demographic characteristics.

Through the rapid processing and analysis of more than one million members of the consumer data transactions and POS with the front end, age group, place of residence, nature of work, education level, personal income, etc., are being collected for analysis purposes. You will know who buy, when to buy, where to buy and what to buy. The multi-dimensional analysis of customer consumption patterns helps you find useful information like customer's consumption habits and preferences and this data truly assist your future marketing strategies.

For more information on POS or CRM system, please contact us.

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