How to Handle Junk Mails? 如何處理垃圾郵件?





  • 刪除郵件。

  • 不要回复垃圾郵件。幾乎所有垃圾郵件發送者都使用偽造的地址,並且您的“ REPLY”操作可能會導致大量垃圾郵件再次氾濫到所有原始收件人。

  • 不要回應“將我從郵件清單上刪除”。這通常可以確認您的帳戶處於活動狀態並正在閱讀郵件。出於廣告目的,這使您的地址更具價值。

  • 如果您收到大量令人反感的垃圾郵件,則可以設置Outlook篩選器規則以自動刪除這些垃圾郵件。 如果您知道垃圾郵件發件人的ISP,則可以向ISP發送一封電子郵件以投訴(但不能像發給發件人)。ISP可以採取措施來緩解這種情況。

  • 個人溝通,建議您使用來自ISP或一些免費電子郵件服務提供商(例如Yahoo和Hotmail)的個人電子郵件地址。 Internet上的個人活動接收垃圾郵件的可能性更高。

It is not uncommon to receiving unsolicited emails. These unsolicited mass mails are referred to as junk mails, or "spam" mails.

How do spammers get my address?

Since email addresses are so essential for communications today, they unavoidably have to appear in name cards, web sites and in many ways which facilitate communications. Professional email spammers can collect the email addresses from various sources. The more Internet activity you participate in, the more likely you'll end up in a spam list.

What should I do if I receive "spam"?

  • Delete the message.

  • DO NOT REPLY to the spam message. Almost all spammers use fake addresses and your "REPLY" action might cause another flooding of junk mails to all original addressees.

  • DO NOT respond to "subscription". This often serves as a confirmation that your account is active and being read. For advertising purposes, this makes your address more valuable.

  • If you are receiving a lot of offensive junk mails, you can set up Outlook filter rules to automatically remove these junk mails.

  • If you know the ISP of the junk mail sender, you can send an e-mail to complain to the ISP (but not to the sender). ISPs could take actions to alleviate the situation.

  • It is strongly recommended that you use the official email account only for official purpose. For personal and commercial purpose, you are encouraged to use your personal email addresses from ISPs or from free email service providers (like Yahoo and Hotmail). Personal and commercial activities on Internet have a much higher chance to receive junk mails.


• Don’t follow any URL links from non verified sources or e mails • Don’t open attachments from unknown e mails • Don’t store sensitive information such as ID card number, credit card details or passwords in your computer / mobile • Don’t get angered nor panic


• Lock up your computers and mobile phones • Change your passwords regularly • Keep your anti malware turned on • Keep your computer patched • Back up your data frequently • Stay legal and ethical

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