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MDM是什麼? 我的生活被入侵了嗎? MDM有什麼用?

MDM 是什麼?

MDM — Mobile Device Management,被譯為『智慧型手機自動化管理系統』,安裝後只要啟動便會限制手機拍照、打卡、熱點分享與藍牙傳輸等功能,以免機密資訊外洩。

很多廠商都推出了自家的 MDM 服務。 全名為Mobile Device Management,是指行動裝置管理系統。透過安裝MDM,可以對公司或組織中使用的行動裝置進行管理和控制,以確保公司機密資訊的安全性和員工生產力的提升。

MDM可以達成的功能包括APP管理、Kiosk Mode、網站過濾、內容管理、連線的限制、定位追蹤、遠端控制等。MDM的應用範圍非常廣泛,不僅國軍使用,各個行業領域和廠商也都推出了自己的MDM服務。在不同的產業中,MDM的應用也各有不同,例如封鎖相機鏡頭、限制網路連線、禁止軟體下載、同步軟體版本等。

MDM 能做到哪些事情? 他能管理你的行動裝置手機、平板,管控內容如下:

APP 管理:

管理者有權限不經過你同意下安裝/更新/刪除行動裝置上的 APP。


把行動裝置鎖定只能使用某一個 APP,除非有密碼否則是無法解開。如迴轉壽司的點餐系統。




企業可以透過這個功能分享內容,如公司聯絡人contacts、員工手冊documents、宣傳海報 photos、形象影片videos


有時會為了保證資安而設定裝置只能連線某個 wifi、禁止開啟熱點、禁止藍芽傳輸、飛航模式


掌握每台裝置的行蹤 遠端控制








MDM, which stands for Mobile Device Management, is a type of software solution that enables organizations to manage and secure mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, used by their employees. MDM allows IT administrators to remotely manage and monitor mobile devices, enforce security policies, and distribute apps and data to ensure that employees can work securely and efficiently from anywhere.

The benefits of using MDM include:

Enhanced Security:

MDM allows organizations to enforce security policies on mobile devices, including password requirements, encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. This ensures that if a device is lost or stolen, sensitive data can be erased to prevent unauthorized access.

Simplified Device Management:

MDM enables IT administrators to manage and monitor all mobile devices from a single console, making it easier to deploy apps and updates, troubleshoot issues, and ensure compliance with company policies.

Improved Productivity:

MDM allows employees to access company resources and data securely from anywhere, which can help boost productivity and streamline work processes.

Cost Savings:

MDM can help organizations reduce costs associated with managing mobile devices by automating tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Better Compliance:

MDM can help organizations ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR, by enforcing security policies and controlling access to sensitive data.

In summary, MDM is a valuable tool for organizations that want to manage and secure mobile devices used by their employees. It provides a range of benefits, including enhanced security, simplified device management, improved productivity, cost savings, and better compliance.


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