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Augmented Reality (AR)

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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) can add a whole new dimension to your product and service that connect with your customer in a new way. AR is a very effective tool for product visualization. On traditional marketing materials such as brochures and leaflets, there is limited space for images and text on a single page. With AR as an add-on experience for your products, it is much more flexible to provide any sort of interaction, game elements and tour guides etc to provide a seamless experience to the visitors. Different virtual elements can be integrated into your products giving different experiences.

AR does not only serves as a gimmick to attract the attention of your customers, but it could also add tremendous values to your brand and products through tailored made AR effects. Designing AR effects with realistic values from the end users’ perspective as a solution is our core focus at Like Hong


我們幫助客戶針對其目標群眾,運用擴增實境(Augmented Reality,簡稱AR),透過攝影機影像的位置及角度精算並加上圖像分析技術,讓螢幕上的虛擬世界與現實世界場景進行結合與互動。隨著隨身電子產品運算能力的提升,擴增實境的用途也越來越廣,適合應用在各行各業。我們協助您管理客戶關係、洞察最大價值,實現更高的投資回報率。我們幫助客戶管理和審查數碼方案、網絡推廣,提供一站式制作、設計、宣傳及擴增實境方案。

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