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If you wish to test our payment gateway, you can simply buy this service. HKD$1 will be charged as administrative cost. All payment is non-refundable. Safety purchase. Enjoy! Happy shopping!

付款測式 Payment Test (HKD $1)

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 是網頁伺服器和瀏覽器之間以加解密方式溝通的安全技術標準,這個溝通過程確保了所有在伺服器與瀏覽器之間通過資料的私密性與完整性,SSL是一個企業級標準,它被數百萬個網站用來保護客戶資料。歡迎即時輕鬆使用我們的 SSL 管理介面來進行網上購物,安心便捷。


    SSL Certificates from DigiCert provide the strongest encryption available, using 2048-bit and SHA-2, and are available in a variety of options designed to meet your needs.  To test our payment gateway, please buy this product and put it into your shopping cart! Enjoy! Happy shopping.

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