Notice to Customers Relating to Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Notice to Smiley Gift Club’s Members, Users and Visitors
(A) "Smiley Gift Club" is the fans club of It is free to join. You can enjoy the below privileged benefits when you join us: 
  • Exclusive offers
  • News and sneak peaks
  • VIP events
  • Special discounts, seasonal promotions and special offers
You are not obliged to provide Smiley Gift Club with your personal data. However, such provision is necessary so as to enable Smiley Gift Club to provide you with the services or products which you are requested.


(B) The purposes for which your personal data (including: name, telephone number and email address) may be used are as follows:

  • the daily operation of the services and products provided to you;

  • designing services or products for customers' use;

  • marketing imaging services or products;

  • research services or products;

  • meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirement of any law binding on Smiley Gift Club;

  • informing you of any member benefits for Smiley Gift Club members; and

  • any purposes relating to above.


(C) Your personal data held by Smiley Gift Club shall be kept confidential but Smiley Gift Club may provide such information to any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, market research, computer, payment or other services to Smiley Gift Club in connection with the operation of its business; 

(D) If you no longer wish to receive promotional emails from Smiley Gift Club, please click the unsubscribe link at our promotional emails to opt-out.


(E) All requests for access to data  or correction of data or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of data held should be addressed as follows: 

The Data Protection Officer 
Smiley Gift Club 


Notice to Visitors/ Customers on collection of data on Smiley Gift Club/ website ( App



When you visit our Website/ App, we will record your visit only and will not collect any personally identifiable information (i.e. information that is about you and identifies you) from you.


When Smiley Gift Club visitors login to their Smiley Gift Club/ Website/ App account, or when customers making online ordering at our Website/ App, Cookies will be used for certain functions in our Website/ App. Refuse to accept Cookies may cause members/ customers not able to utilize or activate certain available functions in our Website/ App.


Collection of personal data during ordering on Website / App

During online ordering at our Website/ App, customers may be required to give personal data including customer name, telephone number, email address and postal address (collectively “Personal Data”). Refusal to provide such information may render us unable to handle any order you are making.


Use of  “Personal Data” Collected 

“Personal Data” collected will be used only for handling of online order. We shall keep the “Personal Data” confidential at all times.

All data collected are used for the purpose of processing the order. We will put reasonable efforts, which within our capacity and power, to keep the details of your order and payment secure. However, we will not liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party unauthorized access to your data by the data you provided.


Retention of “Personal Data” Collected

In customers’ dealings with us and for auditing purposes, “Personal Data” and records of customers’ online transactions will be kept and retained by us for a reasonable period. Such information will be erased from our system in accordance with our internal policy.

關於個人資料(私隱)條例 (「條例」) 致客戶通知



Smiley Gift Club囍悅薈是讚好香港的會員俱樂部,供各界人士免費入會。成為會員,可享以下福利︰

  • 享受獨家優惠

  • 得知最新消息及新品

  • VIP活動邀請

  • 節日推廣或折扣優惠




  • 方便為您提供各種服務與產品的日常運作;

  • 設計適合客戶使用的服務或產品;

  • 推廣服務或產品;

  • 市場調查服務或產品;

  • 根據「囍悅薈」必須遵守的法例要求,披露有關資料;

  • 向閣下報導「囍悅薈」會員優惠;

  • 任何與上述有關的用途。


「囍悅薈」將對您的個人資料保密,但亦可能把有關資料提供予為配合「囍悅薈」業務運作而提供行政、電訊、市場調查、電腦、賬務或其他服務的任何代理人、承包商或第三方服務提供者; 閣下有權要求查閱「囍悅薈」所持關於閣下或閣下帳戶的資料,並修訂或更正有關資料。






關於於囍悅薈/讚好香港網站 ( / 應用程式收集的資料
致瀏覽者 / 顧客通知



當訪客瀏覽囍悅薈/ 讚好香港網站/ 應用程式時,我們只會記錄你的到訪,任何關於你或可識別你的身份的資料均不會被收集。

當囍悅薈會員登入囍悅薈/ 讚好香港網站/ 應用程式 賬戶時,或顧客於囍悅薈/ 讚好香港網站進行網站/ 應用程式訂購時,Cookies將會被啟用於某些功能上,拒絕使用Cookies將會導致會員/ 顧客不能使用或啟動某些網站/ 應用程式功能。


於網站/ 應用程式訂購時收集的個人資料

於囍悅薈/ 讚好香港網站/ 應用程式進行網上訂購時,顧客可能需要提供一些個人資料,包括顧客姓名、電話號碼、電郵地址及郵寄地址(統稱“個人資料”),拒絕提供這些資料可能令我們無法處理有關的訂單。











In comply with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced by the European Union data protection law which comes into effect on May 25, 2018, we have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect changes we have made to strengthen your privacy rights as below: (“LHK”) is an organization representative of Hong Kong designers, licensors, creators and marketers. This website / mobile application is owned and run by LHK. For more information about LHK, please see

We take individual privacy seriously. The Statement explains our policies and practices. We respect your privacy and we guarantee:


  • to implement technical, physical and procedural safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal data we collect;

  • to limit the personal data collected to the minimum required to provide the services as requested by you;

  • to permit only our properly trained and authorized employees to access personal data; and

  • not to disclose your personal data to external parties unless you have given us your consent, we are required by law or we have previously informed you.

By accessing or browsing our website(s) or mobile application(s), you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the Statement in its entirety. If you do not agree with the practices described in the Statement, you should not use our website(s) or mobile application(s).

1. Information collection

Scope of Information

In the course of communicating with LHK, any information that you submit online or conveyed orally and/or by writing, including but not limited to your company’s name, identity of contact person(s), title(s) of contact person(s), address(es), telephone number(s), mobile phone(s), fax number(s), email address(es), website(s), nature of business and product/service details etc. of your company, personal identification data of the contact person(s) and/or the company’s representatives, employees, agents, etc. (e.g. passport or identity card number, date of birth or nationality) (collectively referred to as the “Information” in the context below) may be collected, held and stored at the server/computer located at, Unit 1126, 11/F, Richwealth Industrial Building, 77/87 Wang Lung Street & 144/146 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. 

With regard to each of your visit to our website(s) or mobile application(s), LHK may also use cookies and other technology to automatically collect the following information which include but are not limited to:

  1. technical information, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address(es) used to connect your computer to the internet, your login information, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating systems and platform;

  2. information about your visit, including the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstreams to, on and from our website(s) or mobile application(s), browse, download and install rate of our mobile application(s), products you viewed or searched for, page response time, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks and mouse-overs), methods used to browse away from the page and any phone number used to call us;

  3. information about you and your representing company from other website(s), mobile application(s) operated by LHK, or from the other services that LHK contracts such as third parties payment processors and application providers; and

  4. information gathered about you and your representing company that is publicly available, including but not limited to publicly available contents displayed on various sources of social media (collectively referred to as “Data” in the context below).

LHK may collect any Data and store and hold them at the server located at, Unit 1126, 11/F, Richwealth Industrial Building, 77/87 Wang Lung Street & 144/146 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. .

We only retain Information and Data for so long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose (including any directly related purpose) for which the Information and Data is or is to be used. The Information and Data will be retained for a period of 18 months after the completion of the corresponding event. Please note that the Information and Data will not be retained longer than necessary.

2. Purpose of the Use of Information and Data

The purposes for which the Information and Data may be used by us in and outside Hong Kong include: 

(a) processing applications;
(b) providing services to facilitate trade between Hong Kong and overseas (or otherwise), and providing enquirers with contact and business information;
(c) facilitating our operations, e.g., by incorporating the Information and Data into our database, conducting analysis, research and audit;
(d) marketing trade fairs and promotional events in Hong Kong or trade fairs around the world (and similar events or trade fairs organized by our business partners and counterparts);
(e) distributing LHK publications and research materials (and those of our business partners and counterparts);
(f) marketing LHK education works, services or products (and those of our business partners and counterparts which engaged in similar or peripheral activities, such as business matching services, sourcing and conferences);
(g) complying with laws in or outside Hong Kong;
(h) commencing legal proceedings, including collecting overdue amounts;
(i) preventing or detecting crime, and protecting the security and safety of our events and trade fairs; 
(j)verifying your identity in events organized by LHK (where it is necessary); and
(k)other purposes directly relating to the activities identified above.

Your personal identification data such as date of birth and nationality (if collected by us) will be used solely for the purpose in (i) above. Your passport or identity card number will be used solely for the purposes in (i) and (j) above.

We may conduct direct marketing via fax, email, direct mail, telephone and other means of communication whether now or hereafter known, or send e-newsletters to you. You may choose not to receive promotional materials, by simply notifying us (see below for contact details), and we will cease to do so.

3. Disclosure

We will keep the Information and Data confidential but may provide them to:


  • personnel, agents, advisers, auditors, contractors, financial institutions, I.T. support / computer consulting company, telecommunication, internet, mobile services providers, direct marketing agencies and public relation agencies and other service providers in connection with our operations or services;

  • our China office, promotional event / trade fair co-organizers, affiliates, business partners and counterparts (e.g. other trade promotion bodies, etc.);

  • the public, including persons enquiring about Hong Kong companies;

  • persons who owe us a duty of confidentiality;

  • persons to whom we are required to make disclosure under the applicable laws in or outside Hong Kong; and

  • actual or proposed transferees or participants of our services.

In order to prevent and detect crimes as well as protection of the security and safety of our events and trade fairs, we may provide the Information and Data to the law enforcement authorities in Hong Kong including the Hong Kong Police Force, Immigration Department, Customs and Excise Department and other relevant authorities upon their lawful request (but not to any other third party save as expressly specified above).

We may also provide the Information and Data to personnel, agents, auditors, contractors and service providers in connection with the organization of our events, persons who owe us a duty of confidentiality and /or persons to whom we are required to make disclosure under applicable laws in or outside Hong Kong.

We cannot control how the third parties use the Information and Data.

4. Cookies

We use cookies and similar technology on our website(s) or mobile application(s) in order to enhance the performance of the website(s) or mobile application(s) and improve your experience. Your use of our website(s) or mobile application(s) indicates your consent to our use of cookies described in the Statement. Please see “How to control and delete cookies” below for more information as to how to withdraw your consent at any time of our use of cookies and similar technology.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing a string of characters that can be placed on your computer or mobile device that uniquely identify your browser or device. Cookies allow a site or services to know if your computer or device has visited that site or service before. Cookies can then be used to help understand how the site or service is being used, allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, remember your preferences, and generally improve your browsing experience. Cookies can also ensure that the advertisements that you see are more relevant to you and your interests.

What types of cookies do we use?

There are generally four categories of cookies: “Essential,” “Performance,” “Functionality,” and “Targeting.” LHK routinely uses all four categories of cookies on the service. You can find out more about each type of cookie below.

  • Essential Cookies: We may use a limited number of cookies essential to particular services you have requested or for security purposes. In particular, if you have registered for a site or use a customer portal we may use a cookie to authenticate the personal computer or mobile device that you are using.

  • Performance Cookies: Third parties are allowed to set analytics, or performance for cookies to collect and report aggregate information. These cookies provide reports to us on an aggregate basis and as such you will not be identified. We use the aggregate reports to understand how our website(s) or mobile application(s) are used such that they can be improved to improve user’s experience.

  • Functionality Cookies: We make use of these cookies in order to enhance certain functions, for example, to remember choices you make (such as your username, language or the region you are in), to recognize the platform which you access the site, and to provide enhanced and more personal features. These cookies are not used for tracking your browsing activities on other sites.

  • Targeting Cookies: LHK, our advertising partners or other third party partners may use these types of cookies to deliver advertisements that are relevant to your interests. These cookies can remember whether your device has visited a site, and may also be able to track your device’s browsing activity on other sites or services other than LHK’s. This information may be shared with organizations outside LHK, such as advertisers and/or networks to deliver the advertisements, which helps to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. It may also be shared with other business partners for the purpose of providing aggregate service usage statistics and aggregate service testing.

How long will the cookies stay on my device?

It depends on whether it is a “persistent” or “session” cookie. Session cookies will only stay on your device until you stop browsing. Persistent cookies stay on your personal computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.

First and third party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies that belong to LHK, whereas third-party cookies are cookies that are placed by another party on your device through our service. Third-party cookies may be placed on your device by someone providing a service for LHK, for example, by helping us understand how our service is being used. 

How to control and delete cookies
The cookies that we use or allow are important to your use of our website(s) or mobile application(s), especially performance cookies which allow us to understand our users such that we can improve our sites to meet your needs and expectations. Many of the functional cookies are essential to the proper functioning of our sites and services. Our sites and services, or at least parts of them, may not work properly without these cookies.


  • Browser controls: Most modern browsers offer you ways to control or block cookies. These browser controls will usually be found in the “options” or “preferences” menu. For more information, you may refer third party information sites such as:

  • Targeting cookies: more information on turning off such cookies can be found at YourOnlineChoices UK,

5. Security

The Information and Data stored electronically are password-protected. Encryption technology is used on our secured web areas. Our computer systems are placed in restricted areas. We only permit authorized employees to access the Information and Data. These employees are trained on our privacy policies.

6. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks to other websites are provided for your convenience. You will leave our website for another location that is not controlled by us. Our privacy policies do not apply to other websites. Please refer to the privacy policies of the other websites.

7. Changes

We may update the Statement from time to time. The updated Statement will be uploaded to .

8. Data transfers

We will generally hold your data on our servers in Hong Kong. However, we may transfer it to our China offices, or to any of the party listed in paragraph 3 above, which may be located elsewhere in the world.

9. Your consent and rights

General rights:

You have the right to access the Information and Data that we hold about you, as to how we use it and with whom we share it. You also have the right to amend the Information and Data. We may charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request in accordance with data protection legislation in your country. 

Right to opt out of direct marketing:

You can opt out of direct marketing by indicating that you do not consent to direct marketing when we collect the Information and Data . You can also exercise the right at any time after we have collected and used the Information and Data for direct marketing purposes by following the opt-out instructions contained in the relevant communications.

Updating information:

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the Information and Data is accurate and up to date. However, please notify us if there is any change to the Information and Data .

10. Compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

This section applies to you if you are located in the European Union only. You may be granted the following enhanced rights under the General Data Protection regulation (the “GDPR”), which came into force on 25 May 2018. Detailed information on your rights under the GDPR can be found in:

Right to erasure of personal data

You can request to have your account deleted or certain part of the Information and Data removed by sending your request to the email or address as specified in section below. 

Under the following circumstances, you may also request to have the Information and Data erased: 


  • It is your belief that it is not necessary for us to hold the Information and Data;

  • You withdraw your consent for us to hold or process the Information and Data;

  • You believe that we unlawfully process the Information and Data; or

  • You are or were under 13 when we obtained your consent and your consent was not given or authorised by a person with parental responsibility.

However, under certain circumstances, we may retain the Information and Data (such as when we are legally obligated to do so). We will inform you when such circumstance arises. 

Right to object to processing

Before processing the Information and Data in order to provide the requested service to you, you must first give us your express consent. For the purpose of this section, “process” includes collection, recording, storage, adaptation, disclosure and erasure and “processing” shall be construed accordingly. 

You have the right, at any time, to object to the processing including profiling, of the Information and Data. If you object to our processing of the Information and Data, we may not be able to provide our services to you.

Upon receipt of your objection to our processing activities, we will cease the processing of the Information and Data unless we have valid and legitimate grounds or when it is for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. 

Right to restriction of processing and data portability

You have the right to obtain from us a copy of the Information and Data that we have collected from you, where the legal basis of processing is based on (i) the individual’s consent or (ii) the performance of a contract, and the processing is carried out by automated means.

You may also request us to move, copy or transmit the Information and Data to a third party. However, we are not obliged to ensure that our system is technically compatible to the system of the third party. 

We will comply with your request unless our provision of the Information and Data to you would interfere with the rights of another party, such as when the Information and Data we hold about you would disclose information of another party. 

Lastly, if you wish to make any complaints regarding the Statement, you may also contact us via the contact details stated below. If you are a resident in the European Union, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your country’s data protection authority under the GDPR.

11. Contacting Us

Any request or enquiry in relation to the Statement should be submitted by email or by post to:
Unit 1126, 11/F, Richwealth Industrial Building, 77/87 Wang Lung Street & 144/146 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong

Please note that we may charge a reasonable fee for processing a data access request.


If there is any conflict between the Chinese and English version of this Statement, the English version will prevail.





按照歐盟於2018年5月25日生效的資料保護法《通用數據保障條例》(General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)),本公司更新私隱條款詳列如下:





  • 實行電腦、實地及程序上的保護措施,以保障本公司所收集個人資料的安全性及機密性;

  • 將所收集的個人資料局限在提供閣下要求的服務所需的最低範圍;

  • 只准許經適當培訓、授權的僱員接觸個人資料;及

  • 不會向外界第三方披露閣下的個人資料,但如屬經閣下同意、本公司在法律上被規定或本公司之前已通知閣下的披露則除外。


1. 收集資料





  1. 技術資料,包括用於將閣下的電腦連接到互聯網的網際網路通訊協定(IP)地址、閣下的登錄資料、瀏覽器類型及版本、時區設置、瀏覽器插件類型及版本、操作系統及平台;及

  2. 與閣下訪問有關的資料,包括閣下於本網站或手機應用程式或經本網站或手機應用程式訪問的完整的統一資源定位(「URL」)的點擊流數據、瀏覽、下載及安裝本公司手機應用程式的數據、閣下瀏覽或搜尋過的產品紀錄、頁面響應時間、下載錯誤、訪問某些頁面的時間長度、頁面交互信息(如滾頁、點擊及鼠標移動)、離開所瀏覽頁面的方法及任何用於與本公司聯繫的電話號碼;

  3. 來自本公司所營運的其他網頁、手機應用程式或本公司所外判予付款處理商及應用程式開發商等第三方之其他服務有關閣下及閣下所代表的公司的資料;及

  4. 從公開可用來源所收集有關閣下及閣下所代表的公司的資料,包括但不限於在各社交媒體上公開提供的內容(以下統稱為「該等數據」)。



2. 使用該等資料及數據的目的


(a) 處理申請;
(b) 提供服務以促進不論是香港與海外、香港或海外之間的貿易,並向諮詢人士提供聯絡及業務資料;
(c) 本公司的運作,例如納入本公司的資料庫、分析、研究及審計;
(d) 通知有關本公司在香港的展覽會及推廣活動,或在世界各地的展覽會(以及本公司業務合夥人及對手方所舉行的類似活動或展覽會);
(e) 分派本公司(以及本公司業務合夥人及對手方)刊物及研究資料;
(f) 推廣本公司(以及從事商貿配對服務、採購及研討會等類似活動的本公司業務合夥人及對手方)的教育工作、服務或產品;
(g) 遵守香港境內或境外法律;
(h) 開展法律程序,包括追討拖欠款項;
(i) 防止或偵測罪行,及保障本公司的活動及展覽會的保安及安全;
(j) 於本公司所舉辦的活動中核實閣下的身份(如需要);及
(k) 與上述用途直接相關連的其他用途。

閣下的個人身份資料包括出生日期、國籍 (如果被本公司收集的話) 僅會用於上述(i)項的用途。閣下的護照或身份證號碼僅會用於上述(i)及(j)項之用途。


3. 披露



  • 與本公司業務運作或服務有關的工作人員、代理、顧問、核數師、承辦商、金融機構、電腦技術支援公司、電訊服務供應商、互聯網服務供應商、流動電話服務供應商、直效行銷廣告服務商及公關公司以及其他服務提供者;

  • 本公司的中國辦事處、推廣活動/展覽會的合辦機構、附屬公司、業務合夥人及對手方(例如其他貿易推廣機構等);

  • 公眾人士,包括查詢香港公司的人士;

  • 對本公司有保密責任的人士;

  • 根據香港境內或境外適用法律,本公司須向其作出披露的人士;及

  • 本公司服務的實際或建議的受讓人或參與人。




4. 曲奇檔案(Cookies)






  • 必要的曲奇檔案:取決於閣下要求之指定服務或基於保安理由,本公司或會使用有限數量的曲奇檔案。尤其是如果閣下已註冊本公司網站或使用客戶端,本公司可能使用曲奇檔案以驗證閣下使用的個人電腦或移動設備。

  • 效能曲奇檔案:本公司允許第三方機構進行分析或性能評估,運用曲奇檔案以收集及匯集資料。這些曲奇檔案將為本公司按總體情況匯集數據,並不能識別個別用戶。本公司使用數據報告來了解本公司的網站或手機應用程序的使用情況,完善系統,提高用戶體驗。

  • 網站功能曲奇檔案:本公司利用曲奇檔案為閣下提供某些功能,例如用於記住閣下所做的選擇(例如用戶名、語言或閣下所在的地區)、識別閣下用於登陸本網站的媒介,並提供更強大和更個性化的功能。該等曲奇檔案不會用於監察閣下瀏覽其他網站。

  • 推廣曲奇檔案:本公司、本公司的廣告合作夥伴或其他第三方合作夥伴可能使用推廣曲奇檔案來提供與閣下的興趣相關的廣告。該等曲奇檔案可以記住閣下的裝置是否曾訪問過該網頁,亦可以追踪閣下的裝置在瀏覽本公司網站以外的其他網站或服務上的瀏覽活動。本公司可能會將這些資料與本公司以外的組織共享,例如廣告商及/或廣告網絡以提供廣告服務。本公司亦可能與其他商業夥伴共享有關資料,以進行服務使用統計及服務測試。








  • 瀏覽器控件:大多數現代瀏覽器為閣下提供控制或停止曲奇檔案的方法。這些瀏覽器控件通常會在「設定」或「偏好設定」菜單中找到。如需更多幫助,閣下可以查看第三方資訊網站,例如:

  • 推廣曲奇檔案:閣下可以在YourOnlineChoices UK (中找到更多資訊或關閉接收推廣。

5. 保安


6. 超文本連結


7. 更改


8. 資料轉移


9. 閣下的同意及權利






10. 遵從歐洲聯盟「通用數據保障條例」(General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))






  • 閣下相信本公司並無必要保留該等資料及數據;

  • 閣下撤回同意本公司保留或處理該等資料及數據;

  • 閣下認為本公司不合法處理該等資料及數據;或

  • 本公司取得閣下同意時,閣下為13歲以下人士,且閣下並無同意或獲家長授權。







閣下可以要求我們提供我們向閣下取得的資料之副本,而有關法律基礎為:(i)資料處理是按該個人的同意或 (ii)履行合約作為,而資料處理是以自動化方式進行。




11. 聯絡我們