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Life is to short to belived counting the years. Enjoy the ride and make amazing memories. These blink designs that are as fresh and beautiful today as when they were introduced. Have a great day!


運用多種創新工藝,配以千足925純正真银手工打造而成,以滿足新時代年輕女性的時尚需求,不易敏感,安心配戴。對自己好D,買真正純銀首飾! 拒絕購買白鐵合成假銀飾!



材質Material:銀飾:純銀,925銀鍍金18k手工製 Silver jewelry: sterling silver, 925 handmade


Due to the workmanship and structure, the composition of the necklace is 990 while the buckle is 925 sterling silver.

長度 Length:

常規款 Normal: 40厘米cm

男女合用款 Fit for men and women: 45厘米cm

特色Feature:不易斷錬,不褪色,精緻閃亮 Strong, highly resistance, shiny

重量Weight:1.3- 3g



Best-selling item that selling 1 piece everyday.



All information is for reference only. Actual size and weight please refer to the actual product.  Remember to put it in a sealed bag or box when not wearing it to reduce oxidation. If you keep well, it will keep the brightness for a long time.

金色925千足實心不易斷純銀項鏈 Golden Necklace

HK$429.00 一般價格
  • Our 925 silver jewelrys capture and radiate light with brilliance and brightness reflecting light from every angle that make you look pretty and elegance. 


    即使是簡單的衣著、休閒裝扮亦能讓您變得格外獨特迷人,散發魅力豔光,展現獨一無二的個人風格。此款925千足實心純銀項鏈,適合配合名貴錬咀、配飾,鑽飾,玉石等,925 千足實心不易斷,是最佳信心選擇。



    Silver color available. Shop now! 

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