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Life is to short to belived counting the years. Enjoy the ride and makeamazing memories. The classic designs that are as fresh and beautiful today as when they were introduced. Have a great day! Design your own bracelet with our beautiful charms and beads! 




Weight 重量: 約20g

Brand 品牌: POPULAR

Size 呎吋: 約17 cm

Color 顏色: 銀色 Silver

Material 物料: 不锈鋼 Stainless steel

Information is for reference only. Exact dimensions please refer to the actual product. 

BRACELET Sterling Silver Bangle 串飾手錬 銀色 (All size)

HK$299.90 一般價格
  • Our jewelrys capture and radiate light with brilliance and brightness reflecting light from every angle that make you look pretty and elegance. 


    即使是簡單的衣著、休閒裝扮亦能讓您變得格外獨特迷人,散發魅力豔光,展現獨一無二的個人風格。此款手工精細的手鏈,無論您想說「Marry me」、「I love you」、「Happy Birthday」或者「Happy Anniversary」,都是最浪漫的示愛珍品。圓形象徵著完滿幸福,是優雅和魅力俱備的美麗選擇。

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