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可訂造,任何圖案及設計。如欲訂製,敬請客戶下訂單時授權本公司使用其商標以作設計及生產相關禮品之用。創意無限! 同時適合製成匙扣、水杯、獎牌、獎杯、紀念品等,歡迎查詢。


Tailor made is welcome. Client shall authorize us of the usage of its logo and uniform design upon confirmation of order. Other tailor made items are also available. Please contact us for inquiry.


Material: Plastic 材料: PVC
Color: Colorful design and layout 色澤: 彩色

Size: A4

Quantity: 1,000 pcs 個起訂

Uniform Folder Design 校服制服彩色膠Folder設計

HK$8,999.99 一般價格
  • 採用高質素的0.2mmPP料印刷,無毒原裝列印用料,安全可靠、品質佳,成品色彩鮮明。





    Small parts may be swallowed. Children used under supervision. Do not use this product other than its originally intended purpose. 

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