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Fashion's collection! We care about beautiful nails, we care about the planet. 


Designed for manicure and pedicure, attached to nail surface smoothly without any wrinkle. Easy to use, persistence and safe for pregnant women and children. 


Skin friendly – Using advanced, skin friendly technology, and using non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, helping to improve the health of your nails.

Protecting your nails – Lasting for 2 days to 1 week, depending on your lifestyle; Looking great and protecting your nails.

Fashionable colours – The colours in the Fashion catalogue are designed to suit every woman's lifestyle.

Easy to remove – Each collection in the Fashion range is super easy to remove, causing no damage to your nails, and meaning you are able to try more colours!


Style: 10 Strips


Quantity: 1 sheet of 10 size water transfer decals; a total of 10 nail decals
Last time: 2~7days
Surface: Plane

Storing: Best store at a cool, dry place.

Dimensions and weight: 5.5cm (w) x 7.5cm (h), approx 10g (For reference only)

Package: To save postage fee and protect the environment, no paper package will be provided. All nail wraps are kept in a plastic bag. 100% New. Suitable for salon or personal usage.

Water Decals Transfer Stickers #48

  • Don't have plain nails anymore! We create unique nail stickers just for you. Choose the pattern that you like according to your mood and what you wear.


    Scientific assessments regarding materials, and data carried out by our team of international experts. Our materials are selected for both function and safety, adopting advanced extraction technologies from China, Japan and Europe.






    Tips to Apply Nail Wraps


    Make sure your nail polishes are 100% dry before applying any overlay effect nail wraps.



    1. Clean and buff your nails.
    2. Peel off the cover and select the nail decals/ patterns best fits your cuticle size.
    3. Soak the nail decals/ patterns into water for 15~20s. Gently lift the nail decals/ patterns with tweezers.
    4. First apply at the cuticle side.
    5. Smooth the nail decals/ patterns towards the nail edge until wrinkle free. 
    6. Let it dry or remove excess water with tissues.
    7. File off the excess wrap in a straight down motion.
    8. Apply top coat.


    Removal: Remove with your favourite nail polish remover with nail wipes.

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