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Virtual Office and Company Secretary Service

Low, Simple and Competitive Tax System in Hong Kong. Why still pay high tax?

Sign up in 5 minutes and get your Hong Kong Company's certificate of business registration in an hour! (BR) Virtual office price starts from HKD$88.8 per month only!


Virtual Office and Company Secretary Service


Run your business professionally without the huge costs of a traditional office space, high tax in your country and with ease, with the great support from us. We provide Company Secretary service and consultation service through third parties, and assist you to set up office in Hong Kong legally and easily. We provide the service through the Trust and Company Service Providers as well as lawyers, registered accountants and auditors. We welcome all overseas companies to set up your branch or head office in Hong Kong. Please submit the related materials to us for further processing and referral.


虛擬辧公室 (我們透過第三方信託或公司服務持牌人提供專業服務。)

月費由HK$88.8 起,請參照以下收費表。
For virtual office address, price starts from HK$88.8 only. Please refer the below table:

Company Secretary service 公司秘書服務  (我們透過第三方持牌照者提供專業服務) 

我們提供優質公司秘書服務,按公司定額收費,費用僅由 HK$880 起,歡迎查詢
We provide Company Secretary service, which is charged at a fixed fee from HK$880. Please click HERE for inquiry. 


Accounting Service 會計服務 (我們透過第三方持牌照者提供專業服務)  

我們提供會計服務由 HK$5,000 起,歡迎查詢
Accounting service starts at HK$5,000 or up. Please click HERE for inquiry. 


Auditing Service 核數服務 (我們透過第三方持牌照者提供專業服務)  

核數服務由 HK$10,000 起,歡迎查詢
Service starts at
HK$10,000 or up. Please click HERE for inquiry. 

Incorporate a Company

You can enjoy a seamless company incorporation and business registration

Register Your Business in Hong Kong

Businesses must be registered with the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department  within one month of starting business.

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