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KOL & Fans

Social Media Campaign/ Fans 粉絲互動/ 

Creative 創意/ Advertorial/ 

Feature Coverage Reference/ Key Fashion Titles/ Lifestyle Titles

Why fans are so important to your business? 


Fans are major source to spread your message. They are asset of your brand!

Fans play a key role for a brand to sustain.  Various campaigns can create buzz and getting higher exposure.


粉絲是傳播品牌信息的重要角色。他們是您的品牌資產! 他們對品牌的傳播起了關鍵性的作用。透過不同的營銷活動和公關活動,客戶可以創造越來越高的品牌曝光率。

Why PR is essential for your brand exposure? 


Feature interview can build up and foster media relationship with key editors and stylists. Executive profiling and management interviews in business titles can increase the credibility of your brand. A mix of gentleman from different expertise, who have a number of followers in Instagram and Facebook are listed below. 


​以下為部份具公信力和影響力的男性意見領袖,他們在FacebookInstagram均具人氣! 我們會為客戶洽談合適的KOL

Blogger service, Facebook and Instagram management service


We are dedicated and determined to help our clients reach their potential customers. We provide fans management services on various platforms: 


  • Facebook Management Service  Facebook管理服務

  • Instagram Management Service Instagram管理服務

  • Twitter Management Service Twitter管理服務

  • Weibo Management Service 微博管理服務

  • We Chat Management Service 微博運營服務

  • Blogger Service 博客推廣服務

  • Mystery Shopper 神秘顧客服務

  • & More! 更多!

​》All fans are 100% real user and can increase followers 所有粉絲都是100%真實用戶
》Regular new feeds 定期發布
》Fans page advertising campaigns 粉絲互動推廣

We will assist you to set up your Company's own strategy which included: 

我們將協助您設立 貴公司的獨特策略,包括:

1. Establish Goals 確定目標

2. Social Media Audit 確定目標

3. Establish Your Target Audience 建立您的目標受眾

4. Competitive Analysis 競爭對手分析

5. Establish Brand Voice & Tone 建立品牌格調

6. Build Your Social Media Content Strategy 制定您的社交媒體內容策略

7. Social Media Marketing Measurement 社會媒體效益測量

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