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Why Hong Kong?

Set up your company in Hong Kong, to save tax and more.

Hong Kong is one of the top global cities to set up a business. Getting started is relatively quick and easy, setup costs are low and the overall environment encourages businesses to thrive. Like Hong Kong is always available to assist businesses in Hong Kong.


Why Hong Kong


Run your business professionally without the huge costs of a traditional office space, high tax in your country and with ease, with the great support from us. We provide Company Secretary Service and consultation service through the trust and company service providers and the registered bodies, which assists you to set up office in Hong Kong legally and easily. We offer a one-stop service for you, which included accounting, auditing and a virtual office. We welcome all overseas companies to set up your branch or head office in Hong Kong. Please submit the related materials to us for processing. 

There are several advantages to working in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:

  1. Economic development

  2. High-paying job opportunities

  3. International environment

  4. Quality of life

  5. Convenient business opportunities




  1. 經濟發展

  2. 高薪就業機會

  3. 國際化環境

  4. 優質生活

  5. 便捷的商業機會

Incorporate a Company

You can enjoy a seamless company incorporation and business registration

Register Your Business in Hong Kong

Businesses must be registered with the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department  within one month of starting business.

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