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Database Marketing Management



We have good systems and programs that enable us to provide you speedy email service with detailed reports, click rate report with no fixed contract term.



我們會盡力確保資料無誤,但有絕對酌情權增加、刪除、暫停登載或編輯各項資料而無須給予任何理由及事先通知。我們不會對任何因使用或涉及使用此網站資料而導致的申索、損失或損害負責。 如欲查詢電子郵件服務,歡迎聯絡我們。


本網站提供的網上電話簿資料,資料來自公開資訊、世界各地展銷會、商務聯絡及講座等公開資料,經輯錄後整理而成。旨在方便有關機構作公務上的通訊及聯絡之用。使用有關資料庫時,客戶需自行遵守相關法律,包括香港市場《非應邀電子訊息條例》 (業界指引在此下載)、《商品說明條例》(在此下載);針對內銷市場《中華人民共和國合同法》、《中華人民共和國廣告法》、《廣告管理條例》及相關法律法規的規定及私隱權等細則。客戶需知悉,我們不會協助 閣下在未獲電郵地址使用人同意的情況下,發送任何商業電子訊息,同時 閣下需確保所有電郵信息須提供取消接收選項


Database Marketing Terms & Conditions


We will endeavor to ensure that information is correct, but if there is any change of information, we shall not send you any notification. We are not responsible for any claims resulting from the use of this information or involving the use of information resulting from loss or damage. Please review the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance ("the UEMO") (An Industry Guide download here), the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, People's Republic Of China Advertisement LawRegulations on Control of Advertisements before your application and all clients should comply with the required regulations and laws. 

Restrictions & Conditions


We collect the information from public sources like websites, business directories and public seminars. We compile the database afterwards and facilitate your communication purpose only. When you make use of the database, all customers are reminded to comply with the regulations and laws themselves. Please make sure you are comply with the related ordinances & rules when you are sending emails or letters, and provide unsubscribe option to the audiences. For inquiry on the policy or eDM service, please feel free to contact us.

Should you wish to get a tailored database? Call us today! We shall assist you to set up your own membership system and build your own database time by time.

Database by Category

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