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Digital Marketing 




Knowledge is power. Understand the digital world is essential.


Are you looking for Web analytics, social analytics and mobile analytics tools? We are pleased to introduce you the most popular cross-channel Digital analytics tools to you.






Web analytics

The cross-channel digital journey of the always-connected consumer has become increasingly difficult to understand. But it is more important than ever for marketers to see the journey clearly and know how to connect with consumers at every touch point. Analytics and measurement are the foundation of a good digital marketing strategy.






Mobile Analytics

As the most rapidly emerging digital marketing channel, the old rules do not apply to mobile, but the need for analytics is as important as ever. A recent report by the a few companies using mobile analytics saw an 11.6% increase in brand awareness while those without a mobile-specific analytics strategy had a 12.9% decrease. Let us get you on the right path to quality measurement and successful optimization.






Social Analytics

It is critical to understand the real value of social within your marketing initiatives. It is important not only because consumers are spending more time on social channels, but because they are also extremely engaged with both friends and brands, sharing activities and interests – often many times a day. Put your brand in the limelight by implementing a social measurement program to help you understand the success of acquisition, conversion and engagement initiatives.


Contact us for details now. We shall explain how could you use the most suitable tool to engage your customers.

Mobile Apps Development


我們的專業團隊可以為  貴公司提供一站式流動手機應用程式服務,包括:

  • 流動裝置程式設計、開發及維護

  • 網站域名申請、寄存

  • 手機應用程式媒體宣傳企劃

  • 流動裝置廣告創作、執行及監察

  • 客戶數據分析、監察及再推廣



Our professional team can provide one-stop service of Apps development and marketing services for your company, including:


  • Mobile device programming, development and maintenance

  • Website domain name applications, hosting

  • Mobile Apps promotional strategy & media plan

  • Mobile device advertising creation, implementation and monitoring

  • Customer data analysis, monitoring and re-marketing


To learn more, please contact us.

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