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Weixin Marketing




  • 全平台同步推出,消息雲端同步

  • 可以發送文字、語音、圖片和檔溝通工作

  • 重要資訊使用回執消息,確保觸達

  • 為會議、待辦事項設置提醒,避免遺忘

  • 用公費電話溝通工作,可同時多人參加

  • 綁定騰訊企業郵箱,接收即時的新郵件提醒

  • 發封公告就能將公司資訊傳達給所有員工

  • 在手機上就能輕鬆完成考勤、請假和報銷

  • 下班後,用休息一下進入工作免打擾模式​

What are the functions of Enterprises WeChat (Weixin)?


Features include:

  • All platforms simultaneously sync in cloud

  • You can send text , voice, image and share your working files

  • Important information can be replied by receipt message to make sure that you have received it

  • Meetings reminders

  • Allow telephone communication in group

  • Merge with working email address and receive instant alert

  • Notice to all employees

  • Non-disturb mode after work


Our service include 3 parts: 1) Creation, 2) Conversion & 3) Optimization. 

​​我們的服務包括三大範疇,1) 平台開發,2) 平台運營及 3) 平台維護。






Online Marketing, or called E-Marketing is the trend in the digital era. Deploying new media marketing tool, like WeChat, is a new way to develop fans and customers and penetrate Mainland market in a short time. We assist all Hong Kong companies to apply the WeChat official account easily and simplified the process of application.





E-marketing can be applied to the company's existing customers and potential customers. Marketers can build a customer base both online and offline by different marketing activities in order to increase sales and loyalty. 





我們將成為您的緊密合作夥伴,為了達成您的理想而努力不懈。 如果您有任何地方需要更新,我們的團隊會還積極主動地提供協助和不時監控客戶網站的正常運作。我們會提供數據報表,進行分析,建議推廣策略,讓您集中精力拓展業務。


Maintenance and Support

Spend only a few thousand to get fully support from our team. We provide digital analytics tools to create dashboards, collect data, and navigate reports to you. Many free resources will be also provided to you. 

As an enterprise grows, its Web and Mobile Applications need maintenance and support. Our job is not over just after launching your website, We Chat & Apps. We are always there with you throughout the post launch journey, helping you with the maintenance of your site and to come up with any solution and deploy the latest technology that covers any post launch problem to enhance your applications. We act as our clients' partners in ensuring smooth running of their businesses.

Becoming a remote team member, we stand on call for any update you may have. We also proactively monitor our clients' sites and statistics for up-time and performance issues. From quick fixes to regular consulting, we get to know your site and your needs.​​

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