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Our service include 3 parts,





作為持續發展的企業,網絡和移動應用程式需要不時更新及維護。自推出您的網站、微信號及手機程式後,我們的工作還沒有結束。我們會幫助您更新程式、維修BUGS及引進更多新技術,提供周詳長遠的解決方案。我們將成為您的緊密合作夥伴,為了達成您的理想而努力不懈。 如果您有任何地方需要更新,我們的團隊會還積極主動地提供協助和不時監控客戶網站的正常運作。


Maintenance and Support
As an enterprise grows, its Web and Mobile Applications need maintenance and support. Our job is not over just after launching your website, We Chat & Apps. We are always there with you throughout the post launch journey, helping you with the maintenance of your site and to come up with any solution and deploy the latest technology that covers any post launch problem to enhance your applications. We act as our clients' partners in ensuring smooth running of their businesses.  ​Becoming a remote team member, we stand on call for any update you may have. We also proactively monitor our clients' sites and statistics for up-time and performance issues. From quick fixes to regular consulting, we get to know your site and your needs. 


  • 快速修復及一般諮詢

  • 創意UI設計

  • 定制解決方案

  • 專門的技術支援

  • 卓越品質的科技成果

  • ​更新及技術人員支援

  • 高度的客戶滿意度


We provide: 

  • ​Creative UI Design

  • Customized Solutions

  • Dedicated Support

  • Excellent Quality

  • Great Company to Work

  • Timely update and technician support

  • Client Satisfaction

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