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New Media Marketing

We deploy various tactics to promote your products and services. Below are the services that we provide: 


電子優惠券和折扣 Coupons & Discounts


Engage your Clients by offering Seasonal Coupons & Discounts



Digital coupons & discounts are an excellent way of advertising on a low marketing budget. This tool will enable you to sell more products and develop customer loyalty. It is a great tool to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your web site or mobile App.

軟文推廣 Content Marketing


Increase Traffic - Embed in Text Messages, SMS, Content Marketing


SMS, iMessage, Messaging Apps, content marketing bring your users the best experience. They are more than happy to share the content through text channels, if they find the message is valuable and useful to their friends. 

訂閱資訊 Newsletters


Drive web traffic by routine Newsletters


With our deep linking solution, you can drive your clients directly to a specific content on web and on App. You will also increase traffic, by redirecting web users to the App.

口碑營銷 Word of Mouth Marketing


Word of Mouth Marketing - Referrals & Invites




Referrals and Invites help you grow your traffic and get quality clients. Consumers believe positive word of mouth and tend to buy a product if recommended by their friends. Also, you can combine Referrals with Coupons, which will give you an even bigger boost on your sales.

分享社交網絡 Share on Social Networks

提升信譽度- 分享社交網絡,提高用戶體驗

Grow Reputation - Share on Social Networks and Improve User Experience


Encourage your customers and users sharing  amazing content through social networks, you can get immediate recognition and increase brand awareness. One simple share can reach thousands of users and drive traffic to your app and web site.

推送通知 Push Notifications

即時通信提醒- 推送通知

Instant Communication Channel - Push Notifications



Engage and retain your users with push notifications. If you use it wisely, you shall achieve the best results of promotions. Connect with your users by sharing relevant and direct content proactively.

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