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Infographics, KOL and Short Video Production

一站式方案 One-stop Service

What is Infographic, KOL/YouTuber, and short video production promotion?

Infographics and short videos are the perfect and safe way to promote your products, event, activities, parties to your friends and business partners. This innovation and solution that offers promotional opportunities to schools, university's open days, inauguration, ceremony, anniversary, wedding, parties and all promotional activities. We provide one stop service from concept development to video production VO, script writing, graphic design and video production in one go. Working with KOLs can be one of the best methods for promoting your products or services. Our influencer marketing and KOL management services help brands connect with the right influencers and engage with the right target market.


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什麼是信息圖、KOL/YouTuber 和短視頻製作推廣?




What is Infographics?

An infographic (information graphic) represents information in a graphic, table, or art format designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance. It can add a whole new dimension to your product and service that connect with your customer in a new way. Infographics and short videos are very effective tools for product visualization. There is limited space for images and text on a single page on traditional marketing materials such as brochures and leaflets. With infographics or short videos as an add-on experience for your products, it is much more flexible to provide any interaction, visual aids, interests and tour guides etc., to provide a seamless experience to the visitors. Different elements can be integrated into your products, giving different experiences.

The infographic not only serves as a gimmick to attract your customers' attention, but it could also add tremendous value to your brand and products through tailored made audio and visual effects. Designing infographics with realistic values from the end users' perspective as a solution is our core focus at Like Hong



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