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Personal Information Collection Statement 
(For Recruitment)


個人資料收集聲明 (招聘用途)

Personal Information Collection Statement  (For Recruitment)

1. The personal data provided by the Applicant will be used by the (Like Hong Kong) to assess the Applicant's suitability for assuming the applied position; and to determine the remuneration and benefits package for the Applicant, if applicable.

2. Applicant's personal data held by will be kept strictly confidential and only disclosed to the authorized persons within for processing the application.

3. The completion of all mandatory items on the employment application form is obligatory for the further processing of the application.


4. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Applicant (data subject) may make a request to access to, and to request correction of, own personal data. Such request should be addressed to:

Manager, HR Relationship Management
Human Resources Department


5. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, LIKEHONGKONG.COM has the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing Applicant's data access request.


6. Applicant not being contacted by LIKEHONGKONG.COM within 8 weeks from the application closing date may assume that his / her application is unsuccessful. All personal data will be kept for a period of 12 months from the application closing date and and refer to other post if applicable


7. Applicant who has attended an interview / a test may consider his / her application unsuccessful if he / she is not further contacted by LIKEHONGKONG.COM within 8 weeks after the attendance of the interview / test. The application and test paper (if any) will be kept for 12 months from the date of last interview / test attended and refer to other post if applicable. 


8. If the application for employment is successful, Applicant's personal data provided will be transferred to employee's personal file and be further used by LIKEHONGKONG.COM for employment or residual employment related purpose as appropriate.

個人資料收集聲明 (招聘用途)


1. 本申請表所收集的個人資料,讚好香港將用以評核申請人是否適合擔任所申請的職位,以及釐定申請人的薪酬及福利(如適用)。


2. 申請人所提交的個人資料會被保密處理,而有關之個人資料只會披露予讚好香港的授權人員,以處理有關之職位申請。


3. 職位申請表上列出的個人資料申報要求為甄選過程中必須提交的項目。


4. 根據個人資料(私隱)條例,申請人(資料當事人)可要求查閱或更正已提交的個人資料。有關查閱或更正個人資料事宜,請聯絡:


經理 - 人力資源關係管理



5. 根據個人資料(私隱)條例,讚好香港有權就申請人查閱資料的要求收取合理的費用。


6. 如申請人在截止申請日期以後8個星期仍未收到讚好香港的通知,其申請則可視作未獲甄選。所有未獲甄選的申請人的個人資料,將於該職位的截止申請日期起被保留12個月,如有任何合適職位也會考慮聘用。


7. 如申請人獲邀出席面試/測試後8個星期仍未收到讚好香港的通知,其申請可視作落選。所有落選的申請人的個人資料及試卷(如適用)將於最後出席面試/測試的日期起被保留12個月,如有任何合適職位也會考慮聘用。


8. 如有關職位申請成功,申請人所提交的個人資料會被轉載至個人檔案,並應用於處理有關在職之僱傭事宜及/或處理僱員離職後的任何與僱傭有關的事宜(如適用)。

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