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Website Terms of Use (Mall)
網站使用條款及條件 (商城)




These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all sale and purchase of goods ("Goods") effected through online shops (collectively, "Websites"). By submitting your order, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.



To place an order through this site, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.



These Terms and Conditions only apply to the sales conducted through this site.


凡本條款及條件中提及"我們"一詞,是指"囍悅薈" / 讚好香港。

All references in these Terms to "we", "us" and "our" will mean "Smiley Gift Club" / "".


囍悅薈/ 讚好香港保留任何毋須預先通知而修改本條款與細則的權利,而使用這網站即代表閣下同意受已更改的條款及細則約束。

Smiley Gift Club / reserves the rights to amend and change these Terms of Conditions from time to time without any prior notice and enter of this website will signify your agreement to be bound by these modified “Terms and Conditions”.

Placing Orders

如果我們網站上產品的描述或購買價格出現錯誤,我們保留以正確的價格出售產品的權利。 我們保留隨時更改產品和服務的信息,規格說明和價格的權利。​


Should there be error in respect of the description or purchase price of the Product in our web site, we reserve our rights to sell the Product at the correct price. We reserve our rights to change information, specifications descriptions and price of the Products and services at any time.


(i) 將貨品放進 "購物車";

(ii) 填寫電子訂購表格("訂購表格");

(iii) 提交已完整填寫的訂購表格;

(iv) 提交閣下對訂單的確認("確認通知")




You may place an Order by completing the following four steps:

(i) adding the Goods into your "shopping cart";

(ii) filling in the electronic order form ("Order Form");

(iii) submitting the completed Order Form; and

(iv) submitting confirmation ("Order Confirmation")


(i) to (iv) collectively, "Order Process". Once you have submitted the Confirmation, you may not, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, cancel or vary the Order in any manner or form.


Absolute Discretion



Before ordering, you have the responsibility to determine that the Goods can be lawfully and legally imported to the destination country/ region.


We make no guarantee that the goods shown on the Websites will be available for sale at all times.



Your placing of an Order will constitute an offer from you to us to purchase the Goods contained in that Order. We have absolute discretion to accept any Order or to decline any Order without ascribing any reason for declining an Order.


Your "shopping cart" can only accommodate a certain number of Goods. This number may change from time to time and will be specified in the Order. If you wish to purchase more than that number of Goods, you will need to complete the Order Process and the payment process set out herein for the first batch of Goods, and then repeat the same process for the next batch of Goods that you intend to purchase subject to any daily purchase limit and maximum aggregate value of Goods.


Information contained on the Websites constitutes an invitation to treat only, which may not be regarded as an offer by us to supply any goods.




If your Order is accepted, you will receive a written acceptance ("Acceptance"). A legally binding contract for the sale and purchase of Goods between you and us will only be formed when an Acceptance has been issued. The Full Set of Terms, together with the Order and the Acceptance, constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you and us in relation to the sale and purchase of the Goods ("Contract") and will supersede all previous correspondence, understandings and agreements, if any, between you and us in respect of the same. To the extent of any inconsistency between the terms of Order and Acceptance and the Full Set of Terms, the terms of Order and Acceptance will prevail.

Right to refuse Processing or Fulfilling an Order

儘管本條款及條件有任何相反規定,如出現任何合法原因或任何不在我們能控制或預期之情況,而令我們被制止或限制運送有關訂單( 不論該訂單是否已被接受)的貨品或致使我們無法履行或執行該訂單,則我們保留拒絕處理或履行該訂單之權利。在此情況下,我們會退還閣下為該等貨品已付的款項(不包括銀行、信用/ 轉帳卡公司或其他服務提供者所收的任何費用)。

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, we reserve the right to refuse processing or fulfilling an Order (whether accepted or not) in the event that any lawful reason arises or any circumstance not within our control or expectation occurs which prevents or restricts us from delivering the Goods under such Order or which otherwise renders us unable to fulfill or perform such Order. In such an event, we will refund to you the amount already paid by you for such Goods (excluding any fees charged by banks, credit/debit card companies or other service providers).



確認通知中所列出貨品的數量、描述及規格說明應作為該等事項之最終及確鑿的證據。儘管前有所述,縱使我們會竭力盡所能地對貨品作出準確的描述,實際貨品的特徵(包括但不限於貨品顏色、等級、尺寸及材質)仍可能會與在本網站及/ 或確認通知上所顯示的特徵有略微出入。在適用法律允許的最大限度下,我們明確地排除任何與貨品資料之準確性有關之聲明或保證。此外,我們無須因與此有關的任何不符或出入而向閣下承擔責任。

The quantity, description and specification of Goods set out in a Confirmation will be final and conclusive evidence of the same.  Despite the foregoing, while we will make every effort to describe the Goods as accurately as possible, the actual characteristics of the Goods (including but not limited to colour, grade, size, and materials used) may differ slightly from those set out on the Websites and/ or Confirmation. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, we expressly disclaim any representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the characteristics of the Goods , and we will not be liable to you for any inconsistency or discrepancy in respect thereof.


Completeness and Correctness of all Information

閣下有責任確保閣下所提交訂單之一切相關資料完整及正確。如因閣下所提交的資料不完整、不準確或具誤導性而導致我們未能或延遲履行我們於合同項下之責任及/ 或義務或其他情況出現,我們無須就上述未能或延遲履行或其他情況承擔責任。閣下承諾彌償並使我們、我們的人員、代理、僱員、承包商、其他代表及關聯公司免受因閣下提供不完整、不準確或具誤導性的資料而導致或蒙受的所有索償、損失、損害、收費、稅務、關稅、費用及支出。

You are responsible for ensuring the completeness and correctness of all information provided in connection with your Order. We will not be liable for any failure or delay in discharging our obligations or performing our duties under a Contract if such default is related in any way to incomplete, incorrect or misleading information provided by you. You undertake to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, agents, employees, contractors, other representatives and affiliated companies from and against all claims, losses, damages, charges, taxes, duties, costs and expenses incurred or suffered as a result of your provision of incomplete, incorrect or misleading information. 


Technical Requirements 

Because settings on individual monitors vary, it is often hard for us to show the exact colour (s), size of each Product. All images have been optimized to look their best on variety of different platforms, browsers and monitors.


由於個人顯示器上的設置不同,我們通常很難顯示每個產品的確切顏色、尺寸。 所有圖像都經過優化,可以在各種不同的平台,瀏覽器和顯示器上進行優化。


Full Set of Terms 



Additional terms and conditions specific to particular jurisdictions may be applicable to your use of the Websites and/ or your placement of an order. In using the Websites and/ or placing an order using the Websites ("Order") you agree to be bound by these Terms, the Jurisdiction Specific Terms, the terms and conditions relating to "Website Terms of Use"and the Privacy Policy set out at Websites. If you do not accept the Full Set of Terms, you must refrain from using the Websites. We reserve the right to amend the Full Set of Terms from time to time without prior written notice to you.

Completeness and Correctness of all Information
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