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Orders Tracking 

Thank you for ordering at Smiley Gift Club / Once your order is packed and dispatched, you will receive a dispatch notice email with an order tracking number. Simply click on the tracking link of the shipping company listed below and enter the tracking number provided in the email.


多謝您於Smiley Gift Club / 購物。我們在寄出您所訂購的商品後,您會收到電郵通知,我們會隨電郵附上訂單追踨編號,請在下方點擊快遞公司的查詢連結,然後輸入我們提供給您的追踨編號,查詢您的訂單運送情況。

Order Status 

Postal registered number/ air-way bill number will be provided for all applicable deliveries. You may check your order status with the courier's website. Below are the couriers that we often used. In the rare occasion, your order may not be arrived within the estimate time. This could be due to Customs inspection. The inspection is random. Please allow one week as a grace period. 

Your order may be kept at the post office due to delivery difficulties (such as incomplete address), please make inquiry to your local post office or Customs. About Undelivered Orders handling method, please click here. About your responsibility of providing completeness and correctness of all information, , please click here.

For order status and tracking information, please contact our Customer Service Department by e-mail to us at to our working schedule, we may not be immediately available to attending your call. However, if you leave clearly your full name, telephone number, order reference number and a short message, we will contact you at soonest.


Expected transit time for each destination is listed below:

Hong Kong: [7 ~ 14] business days after shipping
Other Overseas: [28] business days + [7] business days  for custom inspection after shipping 

Please note that shipping and delivery dates are not guaranteed and for reference only. 


我們將為適用的交貨訂單提供郵政登記號碼/ 航空票據號碼。 您可以使用快遞網站查看您的訂單狀態。 以下是我們經常使用的快遞公司。有時您的訂單可能不會在估計時間內到達,這可能是由於海關檢查,而檢查是隨機的。 請允許一個星期作為寬限期。


有關訂單狀態和跟踪信息,請通過電子郵件至 與我們的客戶服務部聯繫。 由於工作時差,我們可能不會立即提供回覆。 請您清楚列出全名,電話號碼,訂單參考號和留言,我們將盡快與您聯繫。


香港:[7 ~ 14] 運輸後的營業日
其他海外:[28]營業日+ [7] 海關驗驗 運輸後的營業日


​Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong 香港

Aramex 特快專遞 (5-8工作日)
Aramex (5-8 working days)

Hong Kong 香港

香港郵政本地掛號郵件 (3-5工作日)
HK Local Registered Packet (3-5 working days)

Hong Kong 香港

香港順豐速運本地速遞 (2-5工作日)
HK SF Express Local Delivery (2-5 working days)

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Overseas Areas (excluding HK & Mainland China)
海外地區 (香港及中國內地除外)

Overseas Areas (excluding Hong Kong & Mainland China) 海外地區 (香港及中國內地除外)


Overseas Areas (excluding Hong Kong & Mainland China) 海外地區 (香港及中國內地除外)

Ezyparcels Registered Airmai / Ezyparcels Express
Ezyparcels 空郵掛號 / Ezyparcels 快遞



Please contact us for details.

Overseas Areas (excluding Hong Kong & Mainland China) 海外地區 (香港及中國內地除外)

Aramex 特快專遞 (5-8工作日)
Aramex (5-8 working days)

Overseas Areas (excluding Hong Kong & Mainland China) 海外地區 (香港及中國內地除外)

香港郵政 Hong Kong Post Office

空郵掛號服務 (7 ~ 30工作日) 
Free Registered Air Mail (7 ~ 30 working days)

Overseas Areas (excluding Hong Kong & Mainland China) 海外地區 (香港及中國內地除外)

香港郵政 Hong Kong Post Office

香港郵政特快專遞 (5-10工作日)
SpeedPost (5-10 working days)

Overseas Areas (Overseas) 海外地區 (海外)

香港郵政 Hong Kong Post Office

Hong Kong Post 易網遞 (e-Express) 

14 ~ 20 business days after shipping

易網遞 (e-Express) 郵件的追蹤 Tracing Links: 

寄往下列目的地的易網遞 (e-Express)服務郵件,其派遞資料會於投寄當日起計六個月內,上載於目的地郵政機關的網頁:

How to trace the delivery status?

e-Express Service items destined for overseas destinations are traceable on the websites of their postal administrations within six months from the date of posting. Please click the related links as shown below: 

目的地網頁 Destination Website

美國 USPS Track & Confirm

加拿大 Canada Post Tracking

巴西 Brazil Post tracking

澳洲 Australia Post Tracking

新西蘭 New Zealand Post Tracking

英國 Royal Mail Track & Trace

俄羅斯 Russian Post Track & Trace

法國 La Poste tracking

德國 Deutsche Post tracking

瑞士 Swiss Post tracking

挪威 Posten tracking

瑞典 Swedish Posten / Postnord tracking

丹麥 Danish Post Danmark / Postnord tracking

以色列 Israel Postal Company tracking

荷蘭 PostNL tracking

日本 Japan Post tracking

南韓 Track & Trace

新加坡 Singapore Post Tracking

越南 Vietnam Post Tracking

請瀏覽 香港郵政網頁 追蹤郵件。您可於投寄當日起計六個月內在前述網頁追查郵件。

Please visit Hongkong Post website for tracing the item status. You can trace the order at websites within six months from the date of posting.

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Mainland China 

Mainland China 中國內地

Aramex (5-8 working days)
Aramex 特快專遞 (5-8工作日)

Mainland China 中國內地


Mainland China 中國內地

Blue Dart Express

Mainland China 中國內地

順豐速運 (3-8 工作日)
SF Express Local Delivery (3-8 working days)

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Hong Kong 香港



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