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要創建Twitter投票,只需開始一個新的推文,然後單擊添加投票圖標。您的投票問題將在tweet的主體中,您有140個字符可以使用。 輸入您的問題,然後添加建議的答案。 Twitter允許您添加四個可能的答案,每個25個字符。請務必在您的推文中添加#twitterpoll和相關或熱門的主題標籤,以獲得更大的覆蓋面。

發布投票後,將您的推文發送到個人資料,以便更好地查看。 您可以在其他社交網絡上交叉推廣您的Twitter投票或將其嵌入博文。您可慮要求社區影響者投票和轉發它,但只有發布與他們工作相關的,他們才會感興趣,並想找出結果。



<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="zh-tw"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Which idea makes the <a href="">#perfect</a> <a href="">#gifts</a> for coming Christmas <a href="">#party</a>? <a href="">@smileygiftclub</a> <a href="">@likehongkong</a> <a href="">#twitterpoll</a> <a href="">#christmas</a> <a href="">#gift</a> <a href="">#love</a> <a href="">#ideas</a></p>&mdash; (@likehongkong) <a href="">2016年12月19日</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

你也可在Google Blog中嵌入博文,方法是在Layout中,加入Widget,選取HTML/Java Script +,然後嵌入。


Run a Twitter Poll

Research is the new and easy way to get insights from audience. So, why not ask your Twitter community for their opinion with a Twitter poll?

You can run a Twitter poll from a personal or business account for up to seven days. You can see the results in real time. The people who vote will receive a push notification alerting them to the final results.

Consider your poll question carefully to attract more relevant followers. For example, Like Hong capitalized on the Christmas holiday by tying it in with a question relevant to our gift business.

How to add Twitter Poll?

To create a Twitter poll, simply add poll icon. Your poll question will be in the main body of 140 characters. Type in your question and then add suggested answers. Twitter allows you to add four possible answers of 25 characters each. Be sure to add #twitterpoll and a relevant or trending hashtag in your tweet for greater reach.

After you publish the poll, pin your tweet to your profile for better visibility. You can cross-promote your Twitter poll on other social networks or embed it in a blog post in Consider asking related influencers in your community to take the poll and retweet it to expand the reach.

Once the poll is over, tweet the results and add them to your blog post. Including your expert opinion with the poll results shows authority in your area. Tip: Run a poll during a live event to increase buzz and generate engagement.

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