Living in Hong Kong: Pets 在港生活:飼養寵物

Q: I would like to buy a pet. 我想養寵物。 A: Majority of flats prohibit ownership of pets. There is a declaration in the ‘Deed of Mutual Covenant’ which should be found in the flat when moving in. If you are not sure, please contact the management company for details. If the premises allows ownership, there is a quote in the ‘Deed of Covenant’ that states the following: Owners may keep live poultry, birds or animals in a Residential Unit as pets unless the same has been the cause of reasonable complaint by at least 2 other owners or occupiers of any part of the estate. 答:大多數公寓禁止飼養寵物。 “公契”中有一項聲明,可以查明是否以飼養寵物。如果您不確定,請聯繫管理公司。如果房屋允許,“契約契約”中的引用聲明如下:業主可將活家禽,鳥類或動物作為寵物飼養在住宅中,除非這種情況至少是被其他2名業主或占用人作出投訴。 2Q:

Mobile App Rankings

Do you know the top 10 Apps in Hong Kong? Whatsapp Messenger Facebook Wechat Facebook messenger App 1933 KMB Instagram Myobservatory Openrice Apple Daily Line

Government Support & Key Initiatives

Key initiatives announced in the 2019/20 Budget include: Provide a 50 percent profits tax concession to marine insurance businesses Set aside $5.5 billion for the development of Cyberport 5 to accommodate more technology companies and start-ups Set aside $16 billion for universities to enhance or refurbish campus facilities, in particular those for R&D Inject $20 billion into the Research Endowment Fund for more research projects Establish two innovative clusters in the Science Park focusing on “A.I. and robotic technologies” and “healthcare technologies” Launch the $2 billion Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme in 2019 Expand the Corporate Venture Fund of the Science Park to $200 million Al

消委會測試29款口罩 3款過濾細菌效率高於99.9%

消委會之前從醫療用品店、藥房、家品店、便利店、超級市場、百貨公司、化妝品店搜集了29款口罩樣本,測試了它們的細菌過濾效率、顆粒過濾效率等。消委會測試市面29款口罩樣本的保護效能,發現2款來自內地的口罩濾菌率未達基本防護級別,其中一款最平的口罩,濾菌率僅達6成。 認識防護級別 美國材料和試驗協會(American Society for Testing and Material, ASTM)F2100-11要求的第一級防護級別。消委會解釋,ASTM F2100-11將口罩材料分為3個級別:第一級防護、第二級防護及第三級防護。根據第一級防護指標,其過濾細菌的效率須達95%或以上。 不過消委亦發現有中國製的口罩,細菌過濾效率達99.7%,總評分達最高5星,比每個售3M口罩更高分。消委會強調,測試結果反映口罩價格與產品質素未必有直接關聯。 消委會的測試中,有3款口罩過濾細菌的效率達99.9%以上,表現出眾,全部都是中國製。所以大家不必單純追求國外貨品的。 消委會測試報告,很具參考價值,可參閱選擇月刊,免費Download

Living in Hong Kong: Typhoon and Storms 在港生活:颱風和風暴

In Hong Kong, the rainy season runs between Feb and March where the humidity can reach approximately 90% and typhoons usually hit during the summer. The window installation standard of the buildings in Hong Kong are not the best and they are often loosely fitted causing water leak when faced with strong rainstorm or typhoon weather. It is the tenant’s responsibility to take all precautionary measures to prevent the damage. Please follow the below steps when there is a possibility of heavy rain and wind: 1) Close all windows. 2) Close all the ventilation fans installed in the windows. Window fans have cover and when it is open, the strong wind can easily blow off the cover and rain will com

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