What are eShots and how do they work?

8 Rules for Building a Successful E-Shot Email marketing has been around for a while. Keeping in touch with clients via newsletter is no longer the only option. E-shots are the next best thing substitute for your traditional newsletter. eShots are usually distinguished from spam email in that they are normally not unsolicited junk mail. E-shotting should not replace your existing marketing activity. Our advice would be to send a minimum of two e-shots a month, let them be informational, contain hints, tips and advice that would benefit the recipient. The list Put the e-shot database together consisting of current customers, past customers, enquirers and prospects. The Design The proper metho

Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office (IFFO)基建融資促進辦公室

Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office (IFFO) IFFO is a platform established in July 2016 by the HKMA to facilitate infrastructure investments and their financing. For more information, please visit the IFFO website. 基建融資促進辦公室(IFFO) IFFO是金管局於2016年7月成立的平台,以促進基建投資及其融資。如欲查閱更多相關資料,請瀏覽IFFO網站。

Support for businesses: Cyberport Incubation Programme 協助企業發展: 數碼港培育計劃

Cyberport Incubation Programme is for early-stage Hong Kong companies seeking growth in areas related to digital tech. The Cyberport Incubation Programme includes financial assistance and rent-free working space as well as other subsidised services. Cyberport Incubation Programme; Click HERE for details. 數碼港培育計劃 數碼港培育計劃為與數碼科技相關、處於發展初期的初創企業而設。為數碼創業家及初創企業提供財務資助和免租工作間。 詳情請參閱此。

Support for businesses: Design Incubation Programme 協助企業發展: 設計創業培育計劃 (DIP)

The Design Incubation Programme (DIP) provides incubates with office space and other professional support such as business knowledge enrichment programmes and mentorships. Design Incubation Programme administered by the Hong Kong Design Centre. Click HERE for details. 設計創業培育計劃 (簡稱DIP) 為創業者提供辦公室和其他專業支援服務包括商業知識提升課程和指導計劃。 培育公司可於不同範疇,按照標準及資助百份比,獲得資金資助,最高資助額港幣二十六萬,免費及優惠工作空間,租金資助最大總額港幣二十四萬及商務中心支援等,詳情請參閱此。

Micro-blogging is spreading every seconds! 微博每秒傳播!

Do you know? Twitter每秒发送峰值> 3100条 新浪微博 (Sina Microblog / SINA Weibo) 每秒发送峰值: Fission effect - Sample When User A publishes a tweet, his content will spread to his subscribers instantly and virally. While his fans i.e. User B, forwards his content, User A tweet content will further shown to User B fans group. Such transmission way of content will easily create a so-called “fission effect” How to gain benefit from the trend and the fission effect? Contact us today to get more insight on the interactive communication approach with you target audience.

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