The Eight Steps to CRM Success

The steps are: Create a customer-centric business strategy. Translate your customer-centric strategy into goals and objectives. Communicate your goals and objectives to your staff. Work with your staff to define your business processes. Define clear requirements for technology to implement your processes. Plan your process and technology changes to minimize impact on your staff. Implement a smart rollout. Sell and reinforce the value of the project. 8 Buying process 1. awareness> 2. knowledge> 3. consideration> 4. selection> 5. buying> 6. satisfaction> 7. retention & loyalty> 8. advocacy (referral)

How to conduct AB/Multi-Variant testing? What tools are available?

Popular tools like Offermatica, Optimost, Test & Target & SiteSpect can help you to do the AB/ Mult-variant testing efficiently. Optimost HP TeamSite Optimost delivers engaging, profitable websites and campaigns with self-service capabilities that helps you test confidently when the stakes and complexity are highest, immediately when speed is of the essence, and match the perfect content to every customer. Test & Target Adobe Target is a personalization solution that makes it easy to identify your best content through tests that are easy to execute. So you can deliver the right experience to the right customer. SiteSpect SiteSpect allows you to test and optimize the entire digital experienc

如何提高CTR? 提升內容點擊次數和點擊率結果

您可以採用以下四種方法,針對推薦內容獲得更好的點擊次數和點擊率結果: 1.上傳清晰有吸引力的圖片。 2.寫短描述性標題 添加推薦內容時,請保持簡短和描述性。 示例:5個提高生產力社交媒體工具 3.添加推薦內容 您可以根據需要和受眾群體和流量添加推薦內容,您不需添加太多內容以獲得足夠的展示次數及令受眾點擊它。 4.推薦具體鏈接 添加指向特定博客帖子的鏈接,交互宣傳,可引進更多流量。 Subscribe our news now! 免費訂閱我們的電子訊息。

4 Email Marketing Goals to Set in the New Year

It's a good time to set your new year goals! Our ultimate goal will be to continue to deliver actionable content that our small business and nonprofit audience can use to do more business and achieve success. Here are four important goals to consider: 1. Grow your email list Below are some of the common ways to grow your email lists: Encourage your current email subscribers Create good content Promote an online contest Run an opt-in campaign Create signature links Use social media Web site links Partners' links By traditional marketing and advertising Webinars QR code links 2. Improve email open rates Rate vary from industry to industry. For example, for travel and tourism, the open rate is

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