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Benefits of setting up a Hong Kong Company 在香港成立有限公司的好處

1. Low tax environment:

Hong Kong has a low tax rate and few taxes. Many international organizations to avoid paying high taxes legally in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong company generally only need to pay profits tax at a rate of 16.5%. This tax is based on the profit (net profit). In other words, if the company does not make a profit, it will not have to pay taxes. Except for tobacco and alcohol or special cases, Hong Kong does not impose import and export taxes.



2. Expanding the international market and the Chinese mainland market:

Due to the historical conditions and geographical location of Hong Kong, it has created favorable conditions for the development of mainland enterprises. Establishing a company in Hong Kong can serve as a bridge and gain the trust and cooperation of foreign enterprises. Overseas investors also like to set up their headquarters in Hong Kong as a springboard for investing in the Chinese market.



3. Access to international credit and loan:Hong Kong is the Asia's economic and financial center. Credit is the basis for developing international business. After obtaining credit, we can directly issue letters of credit to overseas companies. Hong Kong Government for SME funding loans are useful for entrepreneurs as well. They can invest the money in the market to make a profit.



4. Free flow of products, people, logistics and capital: Hong Kong is the free trading port with good infrastructure and free flow of people, logistics and capital. Freedom of traveling in and out of Hong Kong and visa exemption agreements in over 100 countries, together with the Pearl River Delta's visa-free travel plans enable extremely fast flow of capital and businesses. There is no foreign exchange control in Hong Kong. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at any time. Therefore, many Hong Kong businessmen used to issue the letter of credit in Hong Kong banks.



5. Hong Kong's reputation to create a famous brand globally:

Hong Kong's international status is a fast track for re-packaging of products. One can immediately enhance the international image, status and competitiveness in Hong Kong. Many industries such as clothing, toys, cultural publishing, etc., have established their companies in Hong Kong to strengthen their competitive advantage internationally.



6. Free choice of Company name:

Regardless of the size of the registered capital, the Hong Kong government allows you to choose your preferred company name: include international, group, holding, industrial, investment, and others.


不論註冊資金大小,香港政府允許公司名稱含有國際、 集團、控股、實業、投資、等字眼用作公司名稱。

7. Wide range of business natures:

finance, medicine, shipping, design, import and export trade, real estate, construction, decoration, information network, tourism, colleges, cultural publishing, associations, chambers of commerce, research institutes and other high-tech industries can all be the business nature.



8. Hong Kong's right of abode and identity:

If you are a Chinese person and your company has contributed to Hong Kong, you can apply for multiple business visas from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. You can also get permanent identity in Hong Kong after seven years of residence. The Hong Kong government has also launched an investment immigration program. Please contact us for details. For more information, please click HERE.





To learn more about the benefits of investing in Hong Kong and living information, please click here.

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